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Golf in Bangkok

Compared to other cities in the western world, Bangkok offers more possibilities to golf lovers. In fact, golf in Bangkok is surrounded by many others activities and leisure places. In each of the golf courses of Bangkok, you will find also restaurants, bars, shops and even spas! That’s why during the last years many international players came to Thailand’s capital to play golf. Moreover, you will be surrounded by astonishing landscapes, so you will also enjoy the luxurious nature while you’re playing golf in Bangkok. The perfect spot for every golf player!


  • Almost every caddie in the golf clubs are women, and while you are playing golf, they can help you to relax giving you a great Thai massage.
  • There are different golf clubs in Bangkok, each one with astonishing landscapes and different courses. You can choose the Alpine & Sports Golf Club, one of the most known and famous clubs in the capital.
  • The Thai Country Club is one of the most prestigious and luxurious golf clubs in the capital. However, it is perfect for professionals and they offer lunch and dinner at the restaurant.
  • In each golf club in Bangkok, you will find trainers who will help you to be acquainted with this sport or who will give you some tips and tricks to improve yourself.
  • The courses, a part from being beautiful, are also creative and you will have a lot of fun playing golf in Bangkok among tropical plants and natural ponds. Moreover, in each golf club you can rest and relax thanks to their amenities.

More about Golf in Bangkok

One thing that you will find for sure in Bangkok are the golf clubs. In fact, this sport is very frequent and it started to be a great attraction for tourists from all over the world. Thanks to the beautiful landscapes, to the great attention Thai people put in building up the courses, and also thanks to cheerfulness and smiles of the Thai people, golf in Bangkok has become something unmissable during holidays in this country. If you’ve never tried to play golf, do not worry, you can try golf in Bangkok, with the help of the caddies, which will follow you around the course, and then you can relax taking a drink at the bar of the golf club or a massage at the spa. Many golf clubs in the city have been renewed, and now they meet the international standards that each golf enthusiast requires. In Thailand, you will learn how to play golf in Bangkok and also admire the beauties of this country.