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Coin collectors, this is for you! The coin museum in Thailand is the perfect place to collect and buy very unique and old coins. You will get to know more about the history of the formation of the coins and you will even watch a theatrical display of the history of coins in 4D! Once known as the currency management department, the Thailand coin Museum is a page right out of economic history not only of Thailand but also of us as peoples. The evolution of how we trade tells a lot about us from the ancient barter systems to the modern day plastic currency in the form of debit and credit cards. You get to look at this human journey from the Thai perspective on your next visit to Bangkok, Thailand. Visit the Coin Museum treasury department in Bangkok on your next trip to Thailand. Filled with an exciting assortment of displays, shows and murals, visitors get to experience the journey of money through time that is different from what they have ever seen before. Come to the Coin Museum in Bangkok for an experience unparalleled and unique.


  • Located near the Phra Nakhon road
  • Attraction for coin collectors and tourists alike
  • Exciting light and sound shows, so you can definitely bring your children along
  • Exhibits from different eras in Thai history
  • Murals and Artwork on the revolution of Thai currency and coins.
  • Did you know that Thailand started using coins officially only when king Rama IV ruled? It was using currency from nature before that like stones and shells.
  • If you are a student, child, monk or older than 60 years, you’re lucky because you will get to enter the museum for free!
  • The exhibition rounds start from 10:00 till 18:00 every 20 minutes and the museum is open from Sunday till Tuesday.

The Coin Museum in Thailand

The coin museum in Thailand was established in 2014 and is considered one of the greatest museums in Thailand to hold both international and Thai coins. It is located on Chakrabongse Road which is walking distance from Khao San Road. It indicates different periods showing the significance and value of every and each coin and depicts the way of culture, living and society at that time. The museum consists of three floors, the first one has an exhibition of a theatrical display that shows the beginning of currency and is played on 4D. the second floor is heaven for coin collectors, you will be able to buy many souvenirs and collect very unique and one of a kind coins. The third floor has a library that contains many books that tell the stories of the creation of coins and that archive the history. The entrance fee of the museum is just 100 baht and one exhibition tour can hold up to 20 people. You will also find everything in English, Braille and Thai and there are many Audio guides in English. The best thing is that families will be able to bring their children because there is also a light and sound show which will be very interesting for kids! Whenever we discuss the history of a peoples or a culture, we are attracted to artefacts related to different eras. Coins are a good place to start as any. There is an art to coin making and it reflects on the culture of a place. While visiting Bangkok, Thailand there is one such place you can visit namely the Coin Museum. The museum was known as the Currency management department of the Treasury of Thailand. Once an official site, now it is a landmark for tourists visiting from all over the world. The museum has been open for pubic visits since 2016. The main hall of the museum acts as a display as you wait for your entrance. The hall is lined with information about currency and various displays. The languages offered for touring visitors are Thai, English, and Braille. It should be considered that the guided tour is only offered in Thai. The English tour of the museum is offered through audio. There are murals and art works that are related to the history of the physical production of instruments of trade like coins and notes. Not only this, the tour is informative on how coins are made. The tour offers a general history of all human activity in economics, and guides us through the evolution of how money changed from time to time. You will find the tour very informative, and it is only a walking distance from Khao San road. The museum offers free entrance from Monday to Saturday, and is open from 10 am to 6 pm. Other attractions include special events you might run into during your visit, and these include musical shows and historical showcases. If you fancy a visit, all you have to do is follow this address: Chakkraphong Road, Chanasongkram Sub-district, Phra Nakhon District, Bangkok.

How to get there and other activities

The best way to get to the museum is by taking bus number 3 or 53 and then walk about 10 minutes and you will find the coin museum. You can also walk to reach the museum from Khoa San Road. After your tour in the museum the best way to spend the rest of your day is to visit the nearby Grand Palace, the art gallery and the National Museum.