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Sathorn Unique Tower

The towering structure is an incomplete skyscraper abandoned after the 1997 Asian financial crisis. It is located off the Chareon Krung Road in the Sathorn District. This 49 storey monument is now an abandoned building, attracting alt tourism and adventurers. Be careful and carry a torch to navigate its dark hallways and long staircases. You will have to negotiate a price with the guards to gain entry. The view from top is worth the 49 story climb.


  • Sathorn Unique Tower was the project of the famous architect Rangsan Torwusa.
  • The tower overlooks the whole of Sathron District and the Chao Phraya River.
  • It is locally known at the ‘Ghost Tower’ and considered a haunted site, even by its guards.
  • Almost every floor is decorated by over 20 years of graffiti, painted by its many visitors.
  • It is the sister building of the State Tower, which was completed and contains hotels, bars and restaurants.

More about Sathorn Unique Tower

Sathorn Unique Tower is a derelict skyscraper located in the Sathorn District of Bangkok. Its fame comes from being one of the world’s largest abandoned buildings. It was constructed to house 600 units but never saw completion after being halted in the 1997 Asian financial crisis. With the financers gone bankrupt, the building stays unattended. It has remained a huge attraction for adventure tourists. There are even reports of parties going on the top floor and parkour videos being shot here in the past. If you are looking for an urban adventure, the 49 story climb is sure to give you some chills and thrills. The best time to go is during the daylight hours and preferably with a friend. The building is structurally safe but years of neglect have left their mark. Carry a torch and when venturing in. Given the lack of an elevator, you will have to make the 49 story climb by the stairs, which takes around an hour for most people. The tower has acquired a reputation for being haunted and isn’t certainly for the faint of heart, but it will get your adrenaline pumping. If you make it to the top at the correct time, you can capture some amazing shots of sunrise and sunsets over the city. On the way back, you can explore several of the floors and admire some of graffiti that covers the whole tower. There are opportunities to try out your scaling skills if you encounter a locked staircase, but its not recommended. As this is an abandoned building, please ensure safety first.