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Victory Monument

Victory Monument is a large military monument that was put in place in June 1941. It is a historical significance that was erected to commemorate the victory of Thai in the Franco-Thai War. The monument is located at the centre of a traffic hub at the intersection of three roads. Victory monument serves as an iconic landmark in Bangkok city. The monument comprises of a central Obelisk positioned on a multi-tied base. It is in the shape of five bayonets which are clasped together in a fascist architectural design. Surrounding the central obelisk are five black metal statues which represent the various military forces.


  • The easiest way to get to Victory Monument is by taking a BTS Skytrain that will stop at N3 Victory Monument station.
  • While at Victory Monument, shop at King Power. It is one of the biggest duty-free shopping malls in Bangkok.
  • Boat noodles are something that is a must try while at Victory Monument. It is one of the best Thailand dishes.
  • The best time to go shopping is during the afternoons.
  • If you are a budget traveller, Victory monument is your darling place to shop.

A Moment Of Silence For The Fallen Soldiers

Victory Monument was built to celebrate the Thai win of the war between them and the French colonialists. It is a beautiful piece of architecture that is worth a stop by and probably a photo for anyone on vacation in Thailand. At the base are five statues which represent the army, the policed, the navy, the air force, and the civilians. It is not just about viewing the monument. There is more Victory Monument has in store for you. This is one of the places to do budget shopping with a wide range of shopping malls present here. There are also many local eateries where you can get real and authentic Thai cuisine at an affordable price. A night market also makes the place lively and colourful. Other things to enjoy here are a movie theatre with cinema screens and karaoke. Victory Monument is the heart of a busy commercial area and a popular area to hang out for the locals who can't afford the fine dining merchandises and luxuries. There is an open-air market where you can shop for clothes, fashion accessories, and food.

Victory Monument Attractions

Victory monument has several attractions that are worth a visit too. They are

1. Santiphap Park

This is a small picturesque park that sits at the heart of Victory Monument grounds. It was built to commemorate the end of World War II and it's small in size unlike other parks in Bangkok. It is a good place to sit and relax enjoying jazz music as the kids play at the grounds.

2. Bangkok Doll

I don't think there is a home without a doll. Visiting Bangkok Doll will give you a chance to meet with their makers. This is a factory and a museum as well housing interesting collection of Thai and foreign dolls. The museum highlights the ancient methods of doll making craft to the present way of making them. You can also purchase the doll you like at their shop.

3. Phyathai Palace

This is a beautiful royal palace constructed with an elegant Romanesque and neo-gothic styles built in 1909. It comprises of five buildings and was the residence of King Rama V.