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Loha Prasat Temple

Loha Prasart is an exceptional temple whose design and architecture is completely different from the other temples in Thailand. It was built in 1846 during the rule of King Rama III. Its unique architecture makes the temple to really stand out. It is a 36 meters tall multi-tied building with 37 iron spires capped at its three levels. The 37 iron spires symbolize the 37 virtues to be reached for Buddhism enlightment. Loha Prasart is also famously known as the Metal Castle since initially it was roofed with a black metal roof where it got its original name. Later the building was renovated and a beautiful golden roof was plastered at the top.


  • Loha Prasart is open from 9 am and closed at 5 pm.
  • A donation of 20Baht is required to enter the temple.
  • Since the temple is very active, you are requested to dress conservatively.
  • The best way to get to Loha Prasart is taking a taxi from your hotel. Another option is taking an express boat from Chaophraya to the memorial bridge and then connecting with a taxi from there.
  • Loha Prasart is a not a crowded temple and is one of the places to have a quiet and beautiful walking tour.

Hike At A Temple

Loha Prasart edifice was inspired by two other similar buildings in the world one located in India and the other one in Sri Lanka. Sadly, or fortunately, it is the only building among the three that is still standing in the world. This makes it a very special building whose architecture and design is on another level. Loha Prasart is a seven-floor story building where you can get to any level through the spiral wooden staircase in the building. At the top, there is a walkway at the outside which is open and gives visitors a chance to walk around 360 degrees taking in the views of Bangkok city from different angles. At the very top of the temple, there is a small shrine which houses a relic of Buddha. The shrine is considered to be one of the most sacred spots for Buddhist in Bangkok. Loha Prasart temple has three towers with the lower tower having a total of 24 spires, the middle tower having 12 spires and the top tower having 1 iron spire. Getting at the top level of the temple gives you a chance to see the golden mount which is a special experience. Getting lost in the corridors of the maze-like construction and finding your way to the spiral staircase is a mesmerizing experience that you should not miss. On the first floor of the temple, there is history and information about how the temple was built. Each floor has a story to tell and it's special in its unique way. Getting to the top floor will feel just like hiking a temple. Loha Prasart temple grounds hosts cloister galleries and large white temples surrounding Loha Prasart. There are also manicured gardens which make the placed more beautiful. Extending behind the temple is the popular Amulet market a very fun place to explore and get yourself an amulet. In Thailand, people believe that amulets have powers for wealth, good fortunes and success.