Patpong Night Market  Thailand Holiday Patpong Night Market poi Thailand Holiday Patpong Night Market poi Thailand Holiday Patpong Night Market poi Thailand Holiday
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Patpong Night Market

Patpong Night Market is conveniently located between Silom and Surawong roads where you can enjoy the night life of Bangkok, Thailand. Don’t allow the flashy bars distract you from the real treasures of authentic Thai food that you can enjoy at night. For a memorable night, take a stroll around the market, treat yourself with some fresh drinks, try some economical fashion accessories, drink the local Chang beer and savour fresh coconut ice cream. Best time to visit is after 9 p.m. Better not to bring the kids after 7 p.m to avoid the bustle and rush hour.


  • Patpong Night market is lined with street bars serving every kind of beverage for a hot summers’ night.
  • The market has some of the best Thai food dining options in a single spot.
  • Patpong Night market is the best place for last minute window shopping and buying gifts.
  • Located at a convenient walking distance from BTS Skytrain Silom Line's Sala Daeng Station, and MRT Blue Line's Si Lom Station.
  • A complete night life experience for friends and couples who like some adventure.

More about Patpong Night market

Patpong Night market is conveniently located between Silon and Silawong roads in Bangkok, Thailand. You can visit anytime between 6 pm to 1 am to get a glimpse into the thriving night life of the city. If you are bored at night or have had enough of Bangkok, this market is for you. Street vendors haul a variety of merchandise, including clothing, handicrafts, accessories, makeup, gadgets and toys. This is a great place to buy t-shirts, sunglasses, watches and shoes. Be sure to inspect the items before you buy anything, as these aren’t regular retail outlets. Don’t be alarmed by the initial price, it is acceptable to bargain with the sellers and depending on your skills, you can actually land a good deal. Patpong Night market serves some of the best Thai food in a street setting. Enjoy the bustling and colourful evening around you while dining on some prawns. BBQ chicken, Salted fish, fried Squid and Stewed pork are very popular among visitors. This market has all the local food and noodles you could ever want. You can also enjoy fresh ice cream, salads and shakes in a variety of flavours. Remember to take a hand sanitizer if you want to eat along the way. Not every stall has the table and chair setup in front of it so you may have to search for a bit. As with any busy street, keep your wallets close to yourself. You will definitely enjoy your evening there.