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Ramkhamhaeng University

The Ramkhamhaeng University is Thailand’s largest public university. It was named after one of the greatest Thai Monarchs, his highness King Ramkhamhaeng. The university ushered in development in the area thereabouts and so, the district is one of the busiest and worth seeing places in Bangkok. From Massage parlours to malls to theme parks, you will find everything here. There is also a huge airplane graveyard, home to decommissioned passenger planes, and one that can promise a jaw-dropping experience. The airplane graveyard has been featured many times in pop culture and is really a site worth visiting.


  • Directions: Ramkhamhaeng road, Hua Mak, Bangkok
  • Visit the nine centre for food courts and shopping
  • The airplane graveyard has been an attraction for tourists from all over the world
  • The water park nearby is also a point of interest especially for kids
  • The dynamic nightlife is also worth exploring once one finds themselves in the area

More about Ramkhamhaeng University

In close proximity of the heart of Bangkok, The University of Ramkhamhaeng, is Thailand’s largest public university. The university was named after King Ramkhmhaeng of the Great Sukhothai, and is home to about 400000 students annually. The university’s presence brought in a lot of development in Eastern Bangkok, and that is why the area around it is centred on student life, and the youth that comes to Thailand to study. There’s a lot to explore, when it comes to the area around the university. Within a five mile radius you can find yourself many spots that attract attention of visitors from all over the world. There are a number of shopping malls around the area. The 9 centre located very close to the university offers a food court which is unmatched in the immediate vicinity. There are a number of restaurants and food stalls that will let you experience Thai cuisine at its best. Also located nearby is the Fantasia Lagoon which is a water park and visitors with children especially, can expect to have great family time there. The aeroplane graveyard is also a well known point of interest for travellers from around the world, and it features colossal decommissioned aircrafts for all to see. If you find yourself exhausted from all the travelling and sight-seeing head on down to one of the massage parlours in the vicinity and give yourself and your body time to relax and recover. It would surely be amiss if you visited Bangkok and did not go to the Ramkhamhaeng University district.