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Bangkok Khlongs - Canals

The Khlongs in Bangkok are the waterways that are spread among the city, in which placid boats are quietly docked to the pier. This network of canals gave the nickname ‘Venice of the East’ to Bangkok. Well, even if many of the original canals have been dried off, many Khlongs still survive, giving to the Thai capital a romantic and languid atmosphere. If you are visiting Bangkok, you must have a ride on a boat across one of the Khlongs and discover the beauty of this little Venice.


  • In the middle of the Khlongs there’s also an island called Rattanakosin. On this island, the main attractions of the city have been built: the Grand Palace and the Wat Phra Kaew. For many years, the water all around it protected this island.
  • The Memorial Bridge was the second bridge built over the canals and it connects the old historic city to the Phra Nakhon.
  • The first bridge in Bangkok was built in 1927 and it was called King Rama IV, and it is the bridge that connects the two parts of the city, Bang Phlat with Bang Sue.
  • Even if the boats on the canals seem to be really chaotic, a ride on the Khlongs is very peaceful and you will discover another side of Bangkok.
  • To visit Bangkok Khlongs you can choose a ride on six different boats: the traditional long-tail boat, the express boat, the shuttle of the hotels and many more. You just need to decide which kind of ride you want to take!

More about Bangkok Khlongs - Canals

There are many Khlongs in Bangkok, which derive from the Chao Phraya River, the main river of Thailand shaped by four other rivers and from which have been created the main canals of the city: the Taling Chan, the Bangkok Noi, the Bangkok Yai and the Bang Ramat. These canals then split in other little waterways giving tourists the idea of actually being in Venice – there is even a few gondolas! The waterways were created for western countries business purposes and as a protection against the Burmese invasion, but then became the place, where many Thai people come to live. During the centuries, Thai people discovered that canals where easily accessible by boats, so they were travelling from the suburbs of the city to the capital centre by boat. Some were actually living in the boats, selling food or other traditional goods, directly from the boat on the river. As a tourist, you can still enjoy a placid ride on one of the canals and relax while you admire Bangkok from its Khlongs.