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Chatuchak Market in Bangkok

Chatuchak market is one of the largest weekend markets in the world. This is a must visit place for any tourist exploring Bangkok city. It covers an area of about 35 acres and it is home to more than 8000 whopping stalls. The size of the market is an attraction by itself. You will be amazed by its sheer size and the variety of merchandises with a wide range of products. The market attracts about 200 000 visitors each day and probably has anything you could imagine of for sale. Walking along the stalls as you sift through the products on offer is the best experience for a weekend in Bangkok.


  • Since you will spend your day walking, wearing comfortable shoes and light clothes will do you good.
  • Any goods you buy are usually paid with cash. Make sure you carry enough so that your shopping is not limited.
  • Carry water or buy some when you arrive at the market.
  • Bring a backpack with you to put whatever item you buy and wear it on the front rather than the back. Beware of pickpockets.
  • Chatuchak gets very crowded but a trip in the morning will have you beat a little crowd.

Shop Till You Drop!

Chatuchak market is a one-stop place to shop anything you can imagine of at a bargaining local price. The size of the market is its selling point by itself. Since the size of the market will make you drop your jaw, don't be scared to navigate through its unending stalls. The good thing about Chatuchak market is that it is very organized. The market is organized with 27 sections in all the alleyways. Maps are available all over to ensure your easier navigation through the merchandises. Naming all that is sold Chatuchak market is impossible. But to make it easier goods can be divided into eleven categories which include; art and gallery, clothing and accessories, books pets and pets accessories, ceramics, home decorations, and furniture, used clothing, handicrafts, food and beverage and plants and gardening tools. While buying anything that interests you, Chatuchak is the perfect place for utilizing your bargaining skills. Things are cheap here and they get pretty cheap if you have polished up your negotiation skills. A big smile and a friendly attitude is the way to shop here. Since this is a highly touristy market, you may find different vendors selling a common product at different prices. It's good to compare prices in different stalls before you decide where to buy. You probably have an idea of what to shop when you are Chatuchak market. The truth is the sights of all the goods here will take you for a journey as you will be curious about what the next stall has to offer. Your idea will be hypnotized by what you see and you will end up shopping for more extra items than you thought. You most likely not be buying pets if you are a foreign visitor but visiting the pet shops in Chatuchak market is a great experience. With the many animals sold here, the view of beautiful kittens and puppies always attracts big crowds. Shopping at this market is one of the unique ways of spending your vacation in Bangkok and carrying a piece of Chatuchak market to your home for memories.