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Giant Swing

In the midst of Bangkok in the Phra Nakhon district there is a towering structure that is very close to the roots of Thai culture, known as the Giant Swing. Built in around 1784, the giant swing served as a site for Brahmin-Hindu rituals and was essentially a religious site. The Giant Swing has stood the test of time, and is symbolic not only religiously but as time has passed, a symbol of resolve for the people of Thailand. The swing is currently located in front of the Devasathan; a Temple of much importance in the Hindu- Brahmin community; and all around are other worth visiting sites for your next trip to Thailand.


  • The Giant swing is a holy place and a tourist attraction located in the Phra Nakhon district of Bangkok, Thailand.
  • The swing attracts not only tourists but also pilgrims from Thailand and the world over.
  • The reconstruction of the swing has a story of its own, and it takes you back to ancient times and gives insight on traditions that make the Thai culture unique.
  • Remnants of the original swing can be found at the Bangkok national Museum.
  • Located in the centre of other tourist attraction, the swing gives you a great vantage point on your travels through Bangkok.

More about Giant Swing

The Giant Swing is located in Phra Nakhon district of Bangkok, Thailand. It is a historical landmark and is part of Thai heritage. The swing is used in religious ceremonies of the Brahmin tradition and so, for the people of Thailand, is of great religious importance. For people planning on visiting Thailand, it would not go amiss to visit the Giant swing in Bangkok. The swing is currently located in front of the Wat Suthat Temple, but it wasn’t always here. The swing has a history of relocations, as dynamic as the history of Thailand itself. It is a lesson in how utility moulds the process whereby cultures develop. The Giant Swing as the name suggests is a tall gigantic structure, with the main trunks being almost 30 metres tall and 3.5 meters in circumference. The Swing was made under the reign of King Rama I, in the year 1784, in front of the Devasathan. Due to damage inflicted upon the swing during the time of King Rama the II, the Swing ceremony was discontinued owing to a lightning strike. The recent most renovation was done in 2005, and new wood was used to reconstruct the swing. What remains of the structure of the old swing, timbers and such, has been preserved in the Bangkok National Museum. Around the structure of the giant swing there are also other famous attractions to be visited like the Wat Suthat, which is an important site for Buddhist pilgrims especially during religious holidays. You can also find nearby, The Devasathan. The Devasathan is by far one of the most important places of worship for Thai Hindus and Buddhists alike and is a place definitely worth a visit.