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Holiday in Wat Pho Bangkok poi in Thailand

Wat Pho Bangkok

With many of the popular sites in Thailand, Wat Pho Bangkok is one of the famous heritage attractions. Devote some time to admire the amazing artefacts which serve as a symbol of devotion. The reclining golden statue of Buddha attracts many visitors to explore this awesome place. You will definitely get amazed while scouting this expansive image. You can relax your body at this clean and well-maintained image. Bangkok offers a great package for your vacation holidays where you can explore from nightlife to shopping and sitting at the restaurants which serve amazing Thai foods. If you are visiting Bangkok for the first time then, this place is worth the visit!


  • If you are planning to visit Wat Pho Bangkok then you are recommended to take a look at Wat Rajapradit Sathitmahasimaram Rajaworavihara which is one of the beautiful hidden gems of Bangkok. Discover many amazing artefacts and make sure you will visit before noon!
  • Step forward and came across Tha Tien Market, the amazing historic market with the stalls of street food. It attracts many visitors with its craving Thai dishes. All foodies will have a great fun!
  • When you travel to see the Grand Palace then don’t forget to visit Mini Angkor Wat, the interesting miniature which is so well defined and intricately formed. This place is the true example where the dedication turned into the masterpiece.
  • Take some time out to see the Museum of Siam which interactive and interesting place to explore Thai culture. It acts as a great insight for tourists where you can get learning about the history of Thai.

The Grand Palace

The famous historical insight of Thailand, the Grand Palace is the styled architecture which offers its visitors an exciting experience to discover unique Thai culture. You will find the awesome and interesting buildings in this great complex. Packed with tourists all over the globe, this amazing palace offers its visitor’s magnificence experience which is just minds blowing! Take snaps with different colours of brilliant architecture.

Temple of Emerald Buddha

Thailand’s most valued temple, Temple of Emerald Buddha allures tourists to spend their vacations in Thailand. The emerald Buddha sculpture is really admirable which allure many visitors across the population. You will get amazed by the vibrating colours and extraordinary architecture. Known as the biggest tourist destination in Bangkok, the Temple of Emerald Buddha serve as an iconic temple which gives you a spectacular view filled with the intensity of colours. Make sure you are well covered while entering the temple. These murals are meticulously awake your senses. You will definitely enjoy every moment in this elaborated complex shrine.