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Safari World Park Bangkok

Take a break from the norm and visit the amazing Safari World Park Bangkok. This place is not your regular zoo. It integrates a Marine park and a Safari park that spreads over 620 acres of land. Unlike other zoos where animals are caged in small spaces, in here, they can wander and live naturally. You get an up-close view of the animal varieties. Meet carnivores like lions, bears, and tigers. Encounter herbivores like giraffes, zebras, antelopes, gazelles, among others. Both large and small bird species add color to the already beautiful place. There is space to drive through and get a wilderness Safari experience with many awe-striking creatures.


  • The zoo has a Marine and Safari park with exotic and native animals
  • Food stalls are available so you won't go hungry
  • Encounter with animal shows and drive through the park for exciting views
  • Friendly dolphin displays provide the perfect entertainment for the whole family

Meet the People

You can't afford to have a lonely holiday elsewhere when you can interact with fascinating animal lovers at the Safari World. The zoo has individuals who have committed their lives to caring for the zoo. There are vets, nutritionists, conservation experts, guides, keepers, and more. Their enthusiasm for conservation will inspire you to have a passion for animals as well. Also, there are entertainment groups. Watch cowboy stunts and various performances to chuckle about with other visitors. Check the timetables so you don't miss out on such moments. You will come out enlightened about animal matters and long for the joys of the day.

Feed the Giraffes

While you can't feed the animals as you drive within the park, you have a chance with the giraffes. Feed the giants with bananas and get to feel what their slimy tongues feel like on your skin. Please don't forget to carry a camera with you to take photos you will cherish years to come. All this happens at the giraffe feeding platform.

Animal Shows

Dolphin shows at the marine park will take your breath away. You also can't miss the elephant and sea lion entertainment. Children savor the amphitheaters because of the orangutan Thai boxing there. The egg world will also offer you an impressive display. Robust crocodiles, huge fish, and other water dwellers will leave you gazing at the water for hours. The colorful birds chirp as they showcase their graceful moves.

Eat and Drink

Your vacation in Thailand is not complete without eating the scrumptious meals available in the food stalls. Whether you want to snack as you move around or intend to have a full course meal during lunch hours, everything is set. The service teams are professional and ready to meet most of your needs. You just need to ask.