Ananta Samakhom Palace  Thailand Holiday Ananta Samakhom Palace poi Thailand Holiday Ananta Samakhom Palace poi Thailand Holiday Ananta Samakhom Palace poi Thailand Holiday Ananta Samakhom Palace poi Thailand Holiday
Holiday in Ananta Samakhom Palace poi in Thailand

Ananta Samakhom Palace

Ananta Samakhom palace is one of the most beautiful pieces of architecture in Bangkok. It serves as a museum and it is home to some of the greatest treasures of Thailand. Construction started in 1906 during the reign of king RamaV and was completed in 1915 during the rule of King Rama VI. This famous white marble building is located in Dusit district in Bangkok. Designed by two Italian architects Annibale Rigotti and Mario Tamagno, the building comprises of Italian neo-classical renaissance style. Thousands of tourists flock to this magnificent piece of architecture to take in its beauty. It has a huge beautiful landscape compound that holds many state events.


  • Ananta Samakhom palace is opened every day from 9:30 am and closed at 6 pm except on Mondays.
  • Decent clothing is required for you to enter the palace. This means full-length pants for men and tops covering the shoulders and long dresses for ladies. If are not dressed in the appropriate code you need to worry not. They are sold there at the entrance.
  • Photography and your mobile phone are not allowed inside the palace.
  • Taking a metered taxi is the best way to go to Ananta Samakhom Palace.
  • The entry charges are 150baht per person. If you have a grand place ticket, you will enter the palace for free.

Art At Its Best

Ananta Samakhom Palace is home to ancient Thai artistry models with a high level of craftsmanship showcased in each collection. It is a hotspot to all art connoisseurs who will fall in love with every piece embodied. The attraction here is fascinating and no one should afford to miss the high level of art exhibited here. At the center of the building is a beautiful large dome surrounded with six smaller ones where the Royal Throne sits. The palace has beautiful exterior and interior with adorning craftwork at the walls and ceiling. TV screens have been installed in almost every section and videos play in them describing the history and artwork of that section. From the videos, you will learn and see how the beautiful art is created. There are also guided tours available at an interval of 30minutes to enhance more understanding of the art displayed here. A wide range of arts and crafts is the main attraction here. Some of the things to see include intricate wood carvings, gold and silver carvings, royal ornaments and huge silk scrolls. Every piece is meticulously crafted showing clearly how the artists love what they do. At the end of the wide Royal plaza sits the Throne Hall which now serves as the museum. Before becoming the museum, the hall was used for many state events. In 1932, it was the headquarters of the people party. Later in 1974, it became the parliament house and many ceremonial state functions have been held here until it became a museum. Ananta Samakhom Palace has very large and beautiful grounds and a trim garden where you can take a walk to the neighboring Vimanmek Mansion.