Phra Sumen Fort  Thailand Holiday Phra Sumen Fort poi Thailand Holiday Phra Sumen Fort poi Thailand Holiday Phra Sumen Fort poi Thailand Holiday Phra Sumen Fort poi Thailand Holiday
Holiday in Phra Sumen Fort poi in Thailand

Phra Sumen Fort

Built in 1782 to protect newly founded capital of Thailand, Phra Sumen Fort has three levels and many storage rooms. It is around 20 metres tall and 45 metres wide, and you will see it if you are going from the Khao San Road to the Phra Arthit Road. The fort was built of masonry, which is one of the main reasons it managed to survive for 200 years before it got renovated. You can also visit the national museum located on the third level and enjoy the view of the city and river. Today, the fort is considered a monument of national importance.


  • Phra Sumen Fort, as well as near Mahakan Fort and Santichaiprakarn Park, are open all day and admission is free for everybody.
  • A short walk from the fort is Phra Arthit Pier where you can take a Chao Phraya river express boat and view the city from the river.
  • The fort was renovated in 1982, year that marked 200 years since Bangkok was founded, and it was done base on photographs dating back to the reign of the King Rama V.
  • The original heptagonal tower of the fort collapsed during the King Rama V’s reign and today’s one was built during renovation.
  • If you are looking for place to relax after visiting fort, Santichaiprakan Park just next to it is a great place for that.

More about Phra Sumen Fort

Phra Sumen Fort is the northern part of the original fourteen forts from the beginning of Bangkok’s life as the capital city. It has three levels and around 35 storage rooms. Lower levels were placed for the canons, as well as storage rooms for weapons and ammo. The third level is a museum where you can find items which were found during the process of renovation and enjoy the overview of the city. The fort stands out from the environment with its white-coloured walls and hexagonal tower. The tower was made in hexagonal shape so soldiers could keep an eye for the enemy from every side. A small area near the fort was in 2000 made into the Santichaiprakan Park. Highly recommended for tourists on longer holiday is to visit the lit-up fort during the night as the view will leave you amazed.