Bangkok Flower Market | Pak Klong Talad  Thailand Holiday Bangkok Flower Market | Pak Klong Talad poi Thailand Holiday Bangkok Flower Market | Pak Klong Talad poi Thailand Holiday Bangkok Flower Market | Pak Klong Talad poi Thailand Holiday
Holiday in Bangkok Flower Market | Pak Klong Talad poi in Thailand

Bangkok Flower Market | Pak Klong Talad

Flowers play a pivotal role in the Thai community. They are gifts, used in worship, for decoration, and as lucky charms among other purposes. You will see them in temples, shrines, celebrations, vehicles, restaurants, and hotels. With such a vibrant flower society, you understand why Thailand's flower markets are flourishing. Apart from visiting animal parks and other entertainment centers, get a different feel of the fragrant markets. Delight your senses as you explore the endless display of colorful flower stalls. The fresh flowers are well organized to provide you with a convenient and clean place to shop and have a view. Merchants have packages ready sell you their best quality.


  • Thailand's flower market is vibrant, welcoming people from all walks of life
  • Flowers have a lot of uses in Thailand including business, worship, decoration, and given as presents
  • Explore the flower varieties in different colors, shapes, and sizes
  • Flower artisans are skilled and capable of coming up with amazing arrangements, bouquets, and garlands

An Array of Flora

Whether you are out here for a vacation or have come to buy flowers for your holiday celebrations, there is alot. You can source stems or bunches of flowers depending on your needs. Get many shades of roses, aromatic jasmine, yellow marigolds, lilies, chrysanthemum...the list is endless. Thailand is the world's top supplier Orchids. Ergo, expect to see all sizes and color everywhere you walk in the market. Also, depending on the season, you'll find the sacred lotus, poinsettias, siam tulip, and sunflowers.

Meet the Artisans

The appealing flower arrangements are done by artisans who understand their work. If you get there in time, you will witness first-hand the skillful individuals create symbolic and beautiful patterns. Watch as they thread flower buds to make beautiful garlands. Make an order and see them compose everything from scratch. The way they handle incense, foliage, and ribbons is artistic. You might even come out with a few skills for yourself to decorate your place.

Visit Any Time

The flower market in Thailand is a 24-hour everyday kind of business. But to get the best there is, visit at midnight to the early hours of the morning. If you are into flower vending, meet other businessmen in the wee hours of the morning. This way, you pick the most beautiful and freshest of the flowers. Hauling carts and truck offloads happen during this period. Both local florists, event designers, and others meet and make the environment energetic and vibrant. But if you instead want to take pictures and browse to make proper choices, shop around during the day.