Amphawa Floating Market  Thailand Holiday Amphawa Floating Market poi Thailand Holiday Amphawa Floating Market poi Thailand Holiday Amphawa Floating Market poi Thailand Holiday
Holiday in Amphawa Floating Market poi in Thailand

Amphawa Floating Market

Enjoy yourself in Amphawa Floating Market, the Thailand most popular floating markets which offer a series of grilled seafood served at the stores that will surely awaken your taste buds. Walk on the central bridge where you will see the appetizing array of huge prawns, shellfish and squid. Shop your favourite creations with a wide range of shirts to lots of sweets and snacks radiating in the floating market. Take long-tailed boat rides or rent a bicycle and take around to explore the hidden beauty of Amphawa Floating Market. Plan your trip to Thailand and get amused by the staple Thai dishes served in seafood restaurants on boats!


  • After reaching to Amphawa Floating Market, don’t miss to see Damnoen Saduak Elephant Village to get the great experience between the lush bushes and dense forests, riding on the back of the elephant. You will definitely enjoy your first experience of an elephant ride on your holidays in Thailand.
  • Sit on the balcony of the restaurants and enjoy your food admiring the beauty of surroundings. The cool and relaxing atmosphere will exacerbate your mood swings!
  • Once you walk through the food restaurants in Amphawa Floating Market, then take a boat tour and discover the amazing freshness of surroundings, away from the heat where the water passing through canals.
  • When you reached on the other side of the river you discover the awesome temple- Wat Bang Koong, where you will enjoy the mini zoo on the grounds including animals and birds. This place is worth the visit!

King Rama II Memorial Park

Rent a bicycle and go around the King Rama II Memorial Park, which exhibits a great example of Thai culture. When you will enter the park, you will see a Thai traditional house which exhibits the royal patron of art. Move further to see folk culture museum in which you will get entertained by the exhibitions of past days of living. While in the third building, a museum displays the talents of majesty King Rama in literature, music, Thai dance and fine arts. So all literature lovers get ready to see traditional Thai opera!

Wat Bang Khae Noi

Spend some time in Wat Bang Khae Noi temple, and praise the beauty of interior designed walls famed with the wood carvings which depicts the Lord Buddha’s life and his ten incarnations. Pointing out the hidden pictures from the carved murals is a great fun. When you step forward inside the temple, you will surely get pleased by the amazing artwork and wood crafts on the temple walls. Relax in a peaceful environment and don’t miss to capture the beauty of the temple!