Wat Suthat Temple  Thailand Holiday Wat Suthat Temple poi Thailand Holiday Wat Suthat Temple poi Thailand Holiday Wat Suthat Temple poi Thailand Holiday
Holiday in Wat Suthat Temple poi in Thailand

Wat Suthat Temple

The Wat Suthat Temple in Bangkok was built under King Rama I who decided to construct this temple in order to protect a Buddha Statue from the XIII century. Along the walls of the temple, in fact, it is possible to admire 150 figures of the Buddha, handmade, which protect the temple. Nowadays, millions of tourists every day, who come here to admire the splendid chapel, visit the Wat Suthat Temple and the magnificent statue of the Buddha preserved inside. Moreover, of course, you can’t miss the Giant Swing, the red columns in front of the temple!


  • Two red columns and one column that leans above them form the Giant Swing at the entrance of the temple which seems exactly a swing. It was built in 1784 and since then young people try to climb on top of it to gain a bag of silver coins during the winter celebrations.
  • The architecture of the temple is astonishing. You will admire every single fresco, roof and pinnacle that decorate the temple.
  • Inside the chapel of the Wat Suthat Temple, it is possible to observe the 24 representations, through beautiful frescos, of the Buddha.
  • The temple is still used for religious events and people come here to pray every day, so if you are visiting the Wat Suthat Temple, dress up accordingly. The entrance is only 20 Baht!
  • Around the area, you will find also some Hindu temples, very closed to the Wat Suthat Temple, in which are preserved the most famous Hindu deities, such as Shiva and Ganesh.

More about Wat Suthat

The Wat Suthat Temple in Bangkok was an idea of King Rama I but it was completed only under the reign of King Rama III. Inside, a part from the bronze Buddha statue, you will admire the handmade depictions of the Buddha, the frescos and also the beautiful arches that lead the way to the chapel. The temple spreads over an area of four hectares and it is located in the Rattanakosin area, where you can find also the Grand Palace and the Wat Phra Kaew. This is the oldest part of the city, and it is also the part the preserves the old traditions. Visiting the Wat Suthat Temple and the Rattanakosin area, you will be plunged into a sacred and contemplative atmosphere. During your holidays in Thailand, you can’t miss the opportunity to discover the ancient history and traditions of this country. So, it’s better to start from the capital and the Wat Suthat Temple!