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Benchasiri Park

Benchasiri Park is situated along Sukhumvit Road near Phrom Pong BTS. Construction of the park began in the year 1990 and was officially opened in 12th August in 1992. It is a public park that was constructed to honour the 60th birthday of her Majesty Queen Sirikit. Sitting on 11.6 acres of land, Bechasiri is one of the great but little parks located in the heart of Bangkok. If you are looking for a cool and peaceful escape from the bustle and hustle of Bangkok's city, this is the place to be. Covered with lots of shady areas to relax or take a walk, it is the best picnic site for relaxing.


  • Benchasiri Park is for the public meaning that it is a free admission place.
  • The park is open daily from 5 am and closed at 8 pm.
  • There is a swimming pool at the park where kids can enjoy a good swim.
  • The park is used for open-air events and hosts some of the interesting activities like the Dontri Ni suan that are fun to watch.
  • The best way to reach Benchasiri Park is by taking a BTS that stops at Phrom Phong.

Tour the Boutique Park

Benchasiri Park is a boutique park because it is packed with all these beautiful features that make it a very beautiful place to hang out. The park is covered with green lush trees which provide shade and a relaxing ambiance. Inside the park are meandering paths all around that makes it easy to walk around. Along the paths are plenty of benches that are inviting you to take a rest. Benchasiri Park features a collection of sculptures and other artwork that makes the place more beautiful. People who love sculptures will fall in love with the park. Among the greatest attractions is a giant commemorative coin that perfectly illustrates the image of the queen. Benchasiri Park is also a good place for a full body work out. You will spot people jogging and running along the paths. Besides that, there is an outdoor gym in the park equipped with mats and exercise equipment such as weights to keep your body fit. Probably you have been busy touring around Thailand’s well-known attractions during your vacation and had no time to do some workout. Visiting Benchasiri Park will give you a chance to burn some calories gained during your trip. In the middle of the park is a small ornamental lake where the locals come to relax. Visiting the park will give you a chance to see how people live in Bangkok. Some come to exercise, others come here on dates and others taking endless selfies and relaxing. The good thing about Benchasiri Park is that it is located in an urban environment and very close to a major road. It brings out the unique and relaxed perspective of city life. There is a sports area at the park with a volleyball and basketball court where the locals play some challenging games in the evening which is very fun to watch. The park is also kid-friendly since it has a playground where kids can have lots of fun with the lots of playthings available. Benchasiri Park is truly a spot to add in your bucket list.