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Holiday in Benjakitti Park poi in Thailand

Benjakitti Park

Sitting on a land of 21 hectares of land is Benjakitti Park which was opened in 2004 in honour of the 72nd birthday of Queen Sirikit and is located next to Queen Sirikit Conventional Centre. This picturesque green space is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and specifically cyclists and joggers. At the centre of the park is a sizeable lake that dominates the area. The lake is surrounded by two separate lanes around its perimeter forming a 2km walking and running pathways. Jogging, cycling and walking along these pathways are the greatest attraction at this park as you enjoy the scenic views and beauty at this park.


  • Benjakitti Park is open daily from 5 am to 8 pm.
  • The best time to visit is during the early evenings. This is when the lights and reflection of the high-rise buildings on the lake surface are spectacular.
  • There are no charges to enter the park.
  • One of the popular Thai festivals known as Loy Krathong is celebrated here which is fun to watch.
  • The easiest way to reach Benjakitti Park is by taking a BTS Skytrain to Asok station.

A Cyclists Haven!

Benjakitti Park boasts to have a separated bicycle lane that is segregated specifically for cyclists. There is no better place in Bangkok to enjoy cycling than Benjakitti Park. This is a must visit for cycling enthusiasts because unlike all other places where different people fight for space, here they have their own space. You can, therefore, cycle as fast as you can with little interference or the worry of hitting up someone. If you don't have your own bike, worry not. Bikes of all sizes can be rented starting at a cost of 50baht per hour. If you are not a fan of biking, you can still enjoy the beautiful ambient at this park by renting a paddle boat. This will give you a unique opportunity to explore and enjoy the silent natural beauty of Bangkok's skyscrapers photogenic reflections on the water. Having a boat ride at the lake is a completely unique experience that gives you a chance to enjoy the romantic sunsets as it vanishes under the water. Furthermore, you can sit and relax at the banks of the lake as you relax and take in the beauty. The water's edges are rich in plant life and colourful flowers that adds up the tranquillity of the park. Within the park, gardens are also lovely flowers and trees to admire. The running track at Benjakitti Park is clearly marked and separated from the walkway path. This enables you to run without the chances of another person coming your way. Apart from cycling, jogging and running areas, Benjakitti Park has a playground, a meditation area, a central pavilion, and a skating rink. This is a place where your kids can have a lot of fun. The park is decorated with a striking half circle courtyard an ideal spot for people watching or picnics. A forest park is part of the extension of Benjakitti Park where you can enjoy a quiet leisurely stroll. If you are contemplating whether to put Benjakitti Park in your bucket list, just think of the Thai food you have consumed during your stay in Thailand for your vacation. It's time to burn the calories you have gained and there is no other better way to do that other than going to Benjakitti Park.