Chao Phraya River  Thailand Holiday Chao Phraya River poi Thailand Holiday Chao Phraya River poi Thailand Holiday Chao Phraya River poi Thailand Holiday Chao Phraya River poi Thailand Holiday
Holiday in Chao Phraya River poi in Thailand

Chao Phraya River

Chao Phraya is a scenic river flowing south through the heart of Bangkok and to the nations fertile central plains. The river pours elegantly for more than 365km to Thailand's gulf. Also famously known as the river of Kings, it has a rich history entangled with all the cities it flows through and serves as the main artery of the nation. The water canals in Bangkok are unique as they give visitors a chance to explore the surrounding urban areas and islands via a boat. Since Thailand's capital city is situated at the banks of this river and other cities at its tributaries, Chao Phraya acts as a great tourist attraction.


  • Carry sun protection and plenty of water if you are exploring Chao Phraya River during the day.
  • If you are water phobic, you can still explore the river on a bicycle or tuk-tuk tour.
  • Chao Phraya Tourist boats which are less crowded but a little expensive compared to the express boats are easily identified with their blue flag.
  • Boats leave every five minutes and others every 25 minutes. Check the timetable of your boat early enough.
  • Chao Phraya River tours are openfrom7 am to 9 pm.

A Date With a River!

Chao Phraya River consists of four major tributaries which are Yom, Ping, Nan, and Wang rivers making it the principal river in Thailand. It is home to many locals and a very significant waterway for the people of this country. It is a source of income and way of life to many residents. To the tourists, it is a great attraction site. With many long-tail boats, cargo boats, passenger ferries, and tourist boats, all tell it all that the river is the lifeblood of Bangkok city. Maybe you are here questioning what the big deal about exploring a river is. And the small voice in your head is filling you with an answer of just taking pictures with a backdrop of a river. Well, you are wrong. There are a lot of attractions the river has in store for you that are just calling and waiting to be explored. Riverboats and ferries offer stunning sceneries and sites along the river.

Main Attractions

A number of remarkable attractions in Bangkok are located on the banks of its mighty river Chao Phraya. These attractions are easily reachable from several points along the river. Some of the must-see attractions that you should not miss include The Grand Palace and ancient Buddha temples. The most famous ones are the Emerald Buddha Temple, Reclining Buddha and the Holy place of Dawn (Wat Arun). Also, tour the night and floating markets to try out Thai cuisine. Chao Phraya expresses boats and tourists boats, ferry visitors to the popular city attractions. There is also an exceptional option of the dinner cruises. This is a great way to explore the canals with a different perspective as it comes with a live band and delicious traditional Thai fare.