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MBK Center

MBK Centre was opened in 1986 and sits at a roughly 89000 square meters piece of land. It is a multi-story building packed with 8 floors with over 2000 shops that sell literally anything that you can think of. It is the most renowned shopping mall and the best place to shop in Bangkok. This frenetic mega mall was once the biggest in Asia when it was opened though today many big malls have outdone it in terms of its size. Attracting more than 100 000 people per day, it is a shopper's haven for both the locals and tourists.


  • MBK Centre opens at 10 am and closes at 10 pm.
  • Always avoid getting ripped off by negotiating a discount for every item you purchase at MBK.
  • Rent for shops on the lower floors is higher so you can bet that they will be selling things more expensive. You can get the exact item at a lower price on other floors.
  • Don't always buy something in the first place you see it. With over 2000 shops, prices here are competitive. Walk around looking for better deals.
  • You can take a cab anywhere since any taxi driver knows this famous shopping mall.

Shop Till You Say No More!

MBK is an abbreviation of names of chief's developers' parents who were known as stands for Mah and Boon Krong and the MBK Centre is named in their honour. There are statues of them too at the grounds of MBK Centre. MBK Centre offers a mind-blowing shopping experience. There is a wide range of goods and products here that are waiting for your purchase. Furniture, handbags, jewellery, Shoes, electronics and a never-ending list of goods are sold here. The fun thing here is exploring the straight paths inside this mall as you look for the things you fancy. Unlike other markets, shopping is made easy here since you shop in an air-conditioned shopping environment and not in hot sweaty markets. Each floor has a different set of goods. Fashion and accessories are found on the lower floors. If you are shopping for clothes, handbags, shoes, and jewellery this is the place to look for them. At the third and fourth floor are collections of electronics. Mobile phones, DVDs, CDs, PS, and any other electronic gadget you will find it on these floors. Furniture, home furnishings, and souvenirs are found on the fifth and sixth floor. The top floors are set for different entertainment programs. There are computer games arcade, multi-screen cinema karaoke, and a 3D trick art museum. Don't worry about hunger consuming you while you are shopping. MBK Centre has two food courts in the fifth and sixth floor. Here you will get local and international food courts. Here you will get lots of choice and plenty of options to decide what you eat once you are hungry. The best thing about shopping at MBK Centre is that everything is at a bargain price and most prices are negotiable making the prices lower than other malls. Wear your shopping game face coz you will much need it here. Your bartering skills will determine how you find yourself a good deal. The secret is approaching your seller with a big smile and a friendly attitude. This will knock off the original price. Even if you are not a shopaholic, MKC mall is not a place you should miss. You will always get something here to buy.