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China Town Gate

Sitting at the start of Yaowarat road is a huge and an elaborately decorated Chinese gate. It acts as a permit to enter a whole new world different from Thailand's major cities. It is an entrance to many sites and attractions as it is situated at the center of a traffic island linking to major roads. This beautiful gate was built in the year 1999. It acts as a commemoration to celebrate King Bhumibol Adulyadej's 72nd birthday. The gate has chine words ‘sheng shou Wu Jiang' which means long live the king. The gate is also known as the Odean Gate after a cinema that used to stand nearby known as Odean.


  • The best way to explore China town gate is by walking. So, wear your most comfortable shoe.
  • Seeing China town gate from a saddle of a bike is also an exciting adventure.
  • There are a number of affordable hotels in china town that offer accommodation services
  • The easiest way to get to China town is by taking a riverboat at Chao Phraya.
  • Apart from the lively market and the china town gate, explore the many attractions nearby t get the most value of your tour.

World’s Largest China Town

China town gate is a symbolic arch of the Chinese culture present in Thailand. It is an interesting place to visit particularly during the annual Chinese New Year celebrations. All these celebrations and activities are normally centered around the gate. People come here to make their New Year offerings and prayers. It is usually a beautiful ceremony with lion dancers and fireworks that you should not miss. The China town gate acts as a hub for traditional music and Chinese cultural demonstrations. The gate is also a great picturesque area and a photographer's favorite with epic backdrops. Bangkok prides itself to be home of the world's largest Chinatown. With an impressive china gate that marks the beginning of the lively town, get ready to explore what the city has in store for you. Apart from the beautiful gate, the major attraction here is the Lively Markets Chinatown is famous for its lively street markets in narrow attractive alleys. The market bustle is clattered and fun at the same time. It is a busy place with noises of the locals, the smell of food and spices and where you can literally shop anything. With a mix of Chinese and Thai cultures, it is truly a fascinating place to tour around. Getting lost among the many street alleys is adventurous and the best way to create memories for your vacation in Bangkok. Yaowarat road is china town’s Main Street and is concentrated with many gold shops where you can shop gold and Chinese pharmacies selling traditional Chinese medicine. At night, this main street transforms into a street food locale offering a great dining exploration. Sampeng Lane is also one of the cheapest places to shop in Bangkok. Make sure to pass through this lane and see what they offer. With the many places to explore around china town gate, a walk street down the town is never wrong.