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The Best Thai Cooking Classes in Thailand

Turn your next Thailand vacation into a culinary adventure and learn to cook delicious and authentic Thai cuisine at some of the best Thai cooking classes. A Thai cooking class is generally conducted in fun, and informal atmosphere and the experience is truly enriching. Cooking classes in Chiang Mai and Bangkok are quite popular with tourists, where experienced Thai chefs teach you to cook popular Thai dishes like Thai green curry, Pad Thai, etc. all using fresh ingredients. Most cooking schools offer either a full-day or a half-day cookery class which is generally conducted in a small group of up to 10 people.

Thai and Akha Cooking School, Chiang Mai

Thai and Akha Cooking School in Chiang Mai teaches you 11 different recipes of Thai and Akha cuisine, which include soups, starters, desserts, and main dishes. (The Akha are an indigenous tribe who live in hilly areas of Thailand). The class is 6-hour long, and if you attend the morning session, you get to go on a visit to the local market. Instructors are patient and have a great sense of humour. At the end of the class, you get to take a cookbook and spices as souvenirs.

Chef LeeZ Thai Cooking Class, Bangkok

Chef LeeZ Thai Cooking Class has been rated the number #1 cookery class in Bangkok for several years in a row. She teaches you to cook 12 Thai recipes from scratch in a 4-hour cookery class. Dishes taught include Pad Thai, Green Chicken Curry, Massaman Beef Curry, Green Papaya Salad, Sticky Mango Rice and Tom Yum Soup. The average number of students in a class is 8 or less so you can expect to receive a decent amount of attention. Cooking ingredients can be adjusted to meet the student's dietary needs.

Sompong Thai Cooking School, Bangkok

This top-rated cooking school starts its 5-hour cookery class with a trip to the local market where you handpick fresh ingredients and learn about the history of each of the dishes. Back at the school, you are taught three main dishes, one dessert and the right way to make Thai curry paste from scratch. At the end of the class, you get a recipe book to take home.

Zabb E Lee Thai Cooking School, Chiang Mai

Zabb E Lee Thai cooking school in Chiang Mai offers two types of classes. The first is a 6 and half hour morning class at an organic farm and the second is a 5-hour class in the town which can be attended either in the morning or evening. You get to learn about herbs and spices at the organic farm along with authentic and delicious Thai recipes. If you attend the class in the town, you get to pick ingredients at the local market, and upon return, you learn to cook 6-courses in an open-air kitchen surrounded by a gorgeous garden.