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10 Best Tattoo Studios in Phuket

Wow! That is a really cool tattoo. You probably have been told that if you have a nice looking tattoo or you ever saw someone with one and thought so. Do you love tattoos? Are you addicted to getting inked? Phuket is home to many tattoo studios where you can get inked during your vacation holidays in Thailand. There are many reasons people get tattooed. Some get tattooed to honor someone or something while for others is just to express creativity. Whatever the reason, tattoos always look cool. Get yourself a beautiful tattoo and make your holiday memorable.

Celebrity Ink Tattoo Phuket

This is one of the famous tattoo studios in Phuket. It is the most trusted parlor to get inked. It holds the most tattoo awards and you can bet is the best studio in Phuket. You will be welcomed by a highly skilled artist that is passionate about any tattoo art and they will go beyond to exceed your expectations. They do all types of tattoos and customized designs to meet all your needs.

Ink Tattoo

This is a very clean tattoo studio that is fully air-conditioned located at Bangla road. They do all types of tattoos from a free hand to cover-ups. You can also get a temporary tattoo here done with body paint and airbrush. Permanent tattoos are done with an electric tattoo machine.

Pitbull Tattoo

They have a broad range of tattoo designs to choose from. If you walk into their studio and you are not sure what to be tattooed, you will be spoilt with a great choice of designs ranging from photorealistic, colorful cartoons and anything that is in your mind. They offer both traditional bamboo techniques and modern electric tattoo machine services. They use imported quality ink and their artists are skilled and licensed.

Patong Tattoos

This is a tattoo studio owned by two brothers who have been in the tattoo industry since the 90s. They create any design according to customers wish be it a Japanese style, Sak Yant or Thai. Both bamboo sticks and tattoo machines are used.

Golden Needle

This is a multi-award winning tattoo studio in Phuket town. With 20 years of experience in the tattooing industry, they get many return customers who are satisfied and proud of their work. The number one priority here is hygiene and offer electric tattoo machine services only.

Old Man Tattoos

Started in 1993, this is one of the most experienced tattoo studios in Phuket. It has been in the industry for the longest time and quality tattoo work is what you get here.

Bloodline Tattoo Patong

They have a wide range of remarkable designs of tattoo to select. Imported ink of high quality is used for both machine and bamboo tattoos. Disposable and sterilized tattoo pieces of equipment are used.

Seed Tattoo Patong

They have a great selection of different styles to choose from. Whether you love Thai, Japanese or American style all will be done here. Fully sterilized types of equipment are used and hygiene is on another level here. High-quality inks are used for a better end result.

Siam Ink

This parlor performs all styles of tattoos done by award-winning artists who use both bamboo stick and tattoo machines. They follow customers wish and recommend the best design for you.