Thailand Travel Diary

8 Best Islands in Thailand

The islands with a mix of beautiful beaches and party atmosphere make them the best vacation places for tourists who are in love with nature. The tiny island in Thailand attracts tourists looking for several opportunities like recreation, spiritual exploration and relaxation.

10 best islands in Thailand

If you are planning for holidays, then islands in Thailand would be the best gateway. They are famous as the "Island Paradise" worldwide because of their charming seaside and temperate humid atmosphere. Theremarkably comforting weather of the islands of Thailand attract tourists from across the globe. Travellers can choose the best 10 islands in Thailand from the numerous for their visit to experience a refreshing change.
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It is the biggest and busiest island in Thailand and is known for some of the glorious beaches in the islands. The island has many luxurious hotels and resorts facilitating the tourists with a comfortable stay.
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Koh Phi Phi

It is an extensive group of islands in the Krabi Province in Southern Thailand. Among the group, Ko Phi Phi Don is the biggest island and is the only island with permanent residents.These isles are famous as filming locations.
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Koh Lanta

This island offers exotic view with balmy weather. This place is best suited for the person who are seeking to escape from thr popular tourist spots like phuket & Phi Phi.

Koh Mak

This Privately owned tropical island is situated in the eastern island and is far different from the pattaya as there is virtually no nightlife and has a peaceful atmosphere. The island attracts thousands of tourist for its natural beauty. The area is surrounded by palm trees, Buddhist temples, primary school, Health centres and offers activities like windsurfing, padding, swimming etc.
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Koh Chang

Koh Chang is the third largest island in Thailand offering a wide range of activities to keep you occupied throughout your stay in this island. Explore the interior beauty of the island by hopping on a scooter and wandering around the place. This place has everything to offer from a relaxing beach to a luxury hotel.
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Koh Phayam

This Tiny Island with a rural population is a perfect one stop destination for peace loving persons. This place is believed to be safe for girls as there is a very tight community and everyone knows each other. The local community here welcomes tourist in a very friendly manner.
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Koh Samui

Koh Samui is a place that provides budget friendly spots to travelers. Stay at luxury hotels and enjoy the best of these islands.
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Koh Tao

Kao Tao is also known as turtle Island, The Island got its name for its famous sport of scuba diving, You can enjoy the best of coral reef by diving deep into the waters. This island was discovered back in 1980’s and has plenty of restaurants, Guesthouses, and luxury resorts.
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