Thailand Travel Diary

Patong Markets

There are shopping hypermarkets everywhere in Patong. This makes shopping a great attraction to this city and thousands of tourists tour the markets to sample what is on offer for them. As you walk along every lane in Patong, you won’t be surprised if it has been turned into an open-air market. Most of the alleys have been converted to markets with other shopping mall and shops of all kinds selling whatever you may want and more.

1. Banzaan Market

This is a local sleek market with Thai fresh foods in Patong. Visitors will love exploring the well organized and clean market. Everything here is well organized and goods are displayed in an attractive manner. The market is colorful with displays of fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs, and condiments. The downstairs floor is a market of fresh seafood, meat, poultry, and vegetables. The upper floor has shops selling simple bargain clothes, and restaurants with cheap ready to eat meals. If you want to see a wide array of Thai produce, don't miss to visit the Banzaan market.
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2. OTOP Market

OTOP market is a shopping paradise in Patong that promotes locally made products. You can purchase some traditional handicrafts, household items, food, fashion accessories, and silk garments. There is so much to see and buy at OTOP market in Patong.

3. Royal Paradise Market

This is a night market in Patong that opens at 6 pm and closes at 11 pm. This is the best place to shop for jeans or any casual wear. Some of the things you will see being sold here are beachwear, sunhats, dresses, t-shirts, phone covers, and cushions.

4. Dragon Market

Opening every day from 4 pm to 10 pm is the Dragon Night Market in Patong. If you are looking for an outdoor shopping combined with a dining experience, this is the place to be. Being one of the largest wholesale and retail market centers, the marketplace attracts hundreds of visitors and locals every day. Goods here are sold at very low prices and the food is mouthwateringly prepared.

5. Bangla Road Night Market

Bangla road in Patong is famous for its lively nightlife. Before you check in to the inviting bars and restaurants, there is a vibrant night market with many stalls selling fresh seafood, fish, and all kinds of spicy delicious Thai Food that you should visit first. Bangla Road night market is fantastic and it is a must visit whether you are a party animal or not. This is one of the places to experience the diverse Thai culture.
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