Thailand Travel Diary

The best towns and villages to visit in Phuket

Phuket is one of the largest and most beautiful islands in Thailand that thousands of tourists visit each year. Its is known for its spectacular beaches and many Buddhist museums and temples. There are also many amazing places for shopping and many restaurants to try the Thai delicious local food! Phuket consists of many small towns and villages and each one has its very special vibe and spirit.


Patong is one of the most famous islands there and is located on the western coast of Phuket. Its is famous for its beautiful Bangla walking street and it is also perfect for a night outing where you will find many amazing bars and restaurants to try the delicious Thai local food and party all night. Not only that, but also Patong is great for shopping with cheap prices where you can get souvenirs for your friends and family.
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Phuket town

Phuket town is the capital of Phuket, most people love to visit it for its beautiful, old and colourful buildings and unique architecture. It also has a lot of shops, restaurants and cafes where you can go shopping and eat. There are also many street markets that are vintage styled that will make you know more about the Thai culture. Jui Tui Chinese temple lies in there and is considered the highlight of the city and is important during the Thai Gods festival.
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Karon Town

Karon is another beautiful place in Phuket that is home for many beaches and resorts. It is the perfect place to enjoy some peaceful time with your family and relax by the beach and enjoy some water activities like swimming and snorkelling! The night life is not less fun, you will be able to visit many beautiful bazaars for souvenir shopping and enjoy eating in the amazing restaurants.
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Chalong is another place not to be missed in Phuket. It is home to Big Buddha statue that is considered a top tourist attraction in Thailand because of its unique architecture. It is built at the top of the hill and is 45m tall! Chalong is also home for the famous Wat Chalong temple that is considered a very important Buddhist temple for its sacred statue which is called Poh Than Jao. There are also two statues inside the temple of the old man, Ta Khee Lek who was famous for playing lottery. There is also another statue in the temple called Nonsi.
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