Thailand Travel Diary

Top fruits of Thailand

Going for a holiday vacation in Thailand is a total adventure of so many things. Starting with the beaches, the temples, Thai food and now the fruits of Thailand, there is so much to discover. The tropical climate of Thailand and its fertile plains support the growth of many products fruits leading the list. There is an endless choice of fruits in Thailand. Some of them you might have never seen or heard off.

1. Mangosteen

It is a round shaped fruit that has a purple shell. Inside the shell are white flesh portions with a distinctive flavor. The fruit is known to have a cooling effect on the body. To know the number of eatable sections inside, you can count the number of petals at the bottom of the shell.

2. Durian

This is perhaps the most expensive Thai fruit. It has an aggressive look and some people term it as the most provocative fruit on earth. With that, the fruit has a good number of its fun as well as its critics. It has a very powerful smell and flavor. It is also believed to make temperatures in your body rise.

3. Mango

Mangoes are common in Thailand and there are different varieties of them. You can enjoy mangoes by having a mango juice or cut it into slices and eat it.

4. Watermelon

Watermelons do well in Thailand and have a delicious flavor. They are often used in fruit carving with their thick rind.

5. Snake Fruit

Just like its name, the rind of this fruit has a hard shell resembling that of a snake. Inside are white lobes that have a sour or sweet flavor.

6. Coconuts

Coconuts are versatile in Thailand. The nuts can be used to make admirable souvenirs and its juice is more hydrating than water.

7. Jack fruit

This is a big fruit with the size of a watermelon and something surprising is that it can weigh up to 80 pounds. It tastes just like pineapple but has large seeds and less juice. Have you eaten the juicy fruit chewing gum before? Well, the jack fruit tastes exactly that.

8. Rambutan

This is a red tiny fruit that is covered with hairs. If you squeeze the fruit between your palms, it will crack open and inside is a white firm texture that you hew and extract the seed.

9. Rose Apple

This is a red small apple with shiny skin and it's bell-shaped. It is eaten raw with salt and sugar and has a crunchy taste.

10. Banana

Thailand has about twenty different types of bananas. Some are small and others are large all with different names. Bananas can be fried, boiled, or can simply be enjoyed fresh.

Other fruits

Other common fruits include pineapples, guavas, papaya, lychee, pomelo, custard apple, sapodilla, longan, langsat, dragon fruit, tamarind, and salak fruit.