Big Golden Temple Bangkok - Wat Saket  Thailand Holiday Big Golden Temple Bangkok - Wat Saket poi Thailand Holiday Big Golden Temple Bangkok - Wat Saket poi Thailand Holiday Big Golden Temple Bangkok - Wat Saket poi Thailand Holiday
Holiday in Big Golden Temple Bangkok - Wat Saket poi in Thailand

Big Golden Temple Bangkok - Wat Saket

Plan your trip to visit Big golden temple Bangkok, which attracts most of the visitors with its impressive and hidden beauty. Stumble upon this Wat in the early morning to experience the peaceful and calm atmosphere. Admire the biggest statue of Buddha crafted with gold, give the influence of Sukhothai art. At the same point, you will find this golden statue is covered with a thick layer of Stucco studded with the bits of glass through which most of the travellers get attracted. You will totally get amazed by the impressive history behind the image of Buddha and its extensive value. This majestic temple is worth the visit!


  • If you have planned to visit Big golden temple Bangkok, then you should visit Chinatown known as the heart of Bangkok. Take a cruise ride to Bangkok and taste the savour many varieties of street food at Chinatown.
  • Arrive in the morning and appreciate the Buddha statue, which is made of 5.5 tons of gold. This large and stunning statue of Buddha is the world largest statues which represent the traditional pose of meditation.
  • If you want to capture the image of the religious sculpture inside the temple then you can do this as cameras are allowed inside the temple. Plan a trip to Thailand and visit this temple with your friends and family.
  • If you love to read the past, then you should definitely visit the second and third floor of the temple as it exhibits Chinese history.

Kuan Yim Shrine

One of the beautiful shrines of Thailand, Kuan Yim Shrine is located next to Yaowarat road worth a quick look while sightseeing Chinatown. Apart from being the place for worship, it specializes to provide affordable medical treatment to locals as well as visitors in traditional ways. This shrine is the Chinese styled Buddhist temple having the large statue of Kuan Yim. Visit Kuan Yim Shrine, in the morning and experience the soothing sea breeze which will relax the mind. This placed is popular among both Thai and Chinese people as visitors came here to pray for their good health especially during Chinese New Year. Highly recommended to visit this beautiful shrine and admire its magnificent architecture.

Odeon Roundabout

Start your short walk from Hua Lamphong and you will see the stunning Odeon gate which leads you in the historic area of Bangkok. Step forward to see this impressive ornament which welcomes visitors to China town of Bangkok. Take snaps before entering into the street as it offers a great opportunity for those, who love to take pictures! You will get to see so many arches and ancient temples one after another when you entered the street. Add this landmark to your walking journey and get ready to enter the gate of beauty!