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National Museum Bangkok

The National Museum Bangkok is part of the complex network of museums of Thailand but it is also one of the largest in the whole Southeast Asia area. Opened in the XIX century, the museum is still one of the most prestigious palaces of the capital, and it is absolutely a must-see place for every tourist that visits Bangkok. It preserves arts and artifacts from Thailand and the near countries such as Vietnam and Cambodia. Visiting the National Museum Bangkok, you will come in touch with the true history and art of Asia, through centuries and different influences.


  • Siwamokkhaphiman Hall is part of the complex of the museum and it was built by Rama I and it now preserves the entire history of Thailand, from its origins until the recent years. Here you will find also the first inscription in Thai language.
  • A part from the collections of the National Museum Bangkok, what is very interesting is the architecture of the buildings that shape the museum. Traditional buildings and chapels, plus royal houses make the whole area astonishing for every foreign visitor.
  • The King Ram Khamhaeng Inscription, which is the first proof of a Thai language, is preserved inside the museum and it is part of the UNESCO World Heritage programme.
  • The entrance fee is very cheap, just 200 Baht and every day tours are held in the morning in different languages, such as French, German and Japanese.
  • Behind the main area, there is also a funeral chariot hall were the visitors can admire the royal funeral chariots used during the sacred cremation ceremonies of the Thai kings.

More about National Museum Bangkok

King Rama V decided to open the museum in 1874 to display the artifacts preserved by its predecessor, King Rama IV, and he decided to use the old grounds of the Wang Na Palace as a setting for his new installment. During the years, the National Museum Bangkok changed a lot and it is now one of the biggest museums in the whole Southeast Asia, and, moreover, it preserves artifacts, arts and other relics from the Neolithic age until the XX century works of art. For sure, the hard work of re-organization and refurbishment of the museum helped it to convince foreign tourists to visit its rooms. In the museum, all the exhibits are also translated in English and some of the guides speak other European languages. What was considered just as a dusty cellar is now one of the most visited areas in Bangkok, giving back splendor and importance to the history of Thailand and Asia.