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Holiday in Wat Soi Thong poi in Thailand

Wat Soi Thong

Wat Soi Thong is among the oldest temples in Thailand as it was constructed in the year 1851. This was during the reign of King Rama IV. It is one of the archetypical Buddhist temples with glittering spires on its rooftop with very decorative gables. It is a very photogenic photo and is home to the Buddha image known as Luong Phor Luea. The remains of other five Buddhist saints are housed together with the Buddha image. Also known as the monastery of the golden side street, Wat Soi Thong is not known by many tourists. This makes it definitely worth a visit.


  • The easiest way to get to Wat Soi Thong is by taking a skytrain to Silom line that stops at Saphan Taksin station. From there, take a river boat at Chao Phraya.
  • The express boats with yellow and orange flags do not stop at Wat Soi Thong. Take a boat heading to N22 Bang Pier.
  • Wat Soi Thong temple is open for visiting during the day.
  • The inside of the temple is richly decorated with murals in a more recent style.
  • There are other piers around Wat Soi Thong with interesting things that you should explore too.

A Hidden Gem

Wat Soi Thong is located on the left side of the infamous Chao Phraya River. It is believed that the descendants of Chao Phraya Sni Phipat a noble man in Thailand built the temple. The temple is along the common route of the Chao Phraya river boats. This makes getting to the temple pretty much easier. On Sundays the local, people come to Wat Soi Thong temple to pray and make offerings. This is normally a culture for most Thailand people. Festivals such as the Loy Krathong are held at the grounds of this temple. During this occasion, vendors come here to sell Thai cuisine and flowers. If you are lucky to visit Wat Soi Thong during these festivals you will have a chance to experience the local Thai flavour and also attend their festivals. During these festivals, the temple elders collect donations to fund the building of this temple. They also sell roof tiles to the locals and visitors in order to raise more money. The good thing about Wat Soi Thong is that it is not known by many tourists. This means that is has a very non-touristy environment a very friendly atmosphere with no crowds. For those who love to enjoy a quiet tour during their vacation and have a destination all by themselves to explore, Wat Soi Thong is the place to be. For those who love to take really great shots, you will fall in love with this temple. The temple is damn beautiful both inside and outside and it is there begging for a photo.