Phallic Shrine Bangkok  Thailand Holiday Phallic Shrine Bangkok poi Thailand Holiday Phallic Shrine Bangkok poi Thailand Holiday Phallic Shrine Bangkok poi Thailand Holiday Phallic Shrine Bangkok poi Thailand Holiday
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Phallic Shrine Bangkok

This place consists of surprising and inconceivable sculptures of good fortunes with the agent of richness. These contemplating sanctums were made in mid 20th century by Nai Lert, who is believed to be the real founder of place. The phallic place of worship consists of best cases of the intentional Phallus Architectures of the world.


  • Specular architecture of this holy place will make you puzzled.
  • The extraordinary backyard making the environment more amazed, including many different phallus figures.
  • Women visit this place during the early phase of conceiving their pregnancy.
  • Its photogenic environment will bound you here.

More about Phallic Shrines

While exploring Thailand, you'll come to realize that there are such a large number of unusual and eccentric spots to visit. The place also known as Penis Shrine is situated in the specific heart of Bangkok, right behind the Swissotel Nai Lert Park Hotel, close to the bank of the Khlong Saen Saep. With amazing wooden crafted penises, This place attracts thousands of visitors every year who come across to seek the blessing of goddess Chao Mae Tuptim, who is believed to be a female fertility spirit. It is believed that Chao Mae Tuptim is residing in this huge Sai (Ficus) tree, which is almost about 18m x 21m of zone - flawlessly packed with heaps of stones and wooden cut penis statues having an exceptional infinite power, Which facilitates good fortunes with fruitfulness to all, who makes a visit here. The passage is loaded with bouquet of little figures of children, playing and frockling in the garden,making it more intriguing visit for those, who are here in the conviction to get favours from the goddess of ripeness "Chao Mae Tubtim", who is placed inside the spirit house where the little structure is tenderly cut on a stone with stunning dresses and distinctive enhancing trimmings. With the progression of time, local people started worshiping this place by offering all kind of incense sticks, white jasmine-n-lilies, lotus buds to the goliath phallus tree, in the conviction that their endowments will convey fruitfulness to their coming generations. In the honor of a female fertility soul of Chao Mae Tubtim - a ten feet tall giant stone is erected with bright strings and strips making this holy place exceptional and spectacular for the outside guests. Truly, here you can see some spellbinding figure which is fluctuating in their sizes and hues go from the extent of a flame to the measure of a major goliath column while some of them are beautifully carved and painted with pink shading which intently looks like a human phallus.