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Naval Museum

The Thai naval museum is a go-to place for naval and maritime history students. It holds a great number of interesting artefacts from different eras of the country’s naval history. The naval museum is located just opposite the Royal Navy academy and is very accessible to tourists and is open through 9 am to 3:30 pm. Admission to the museum is free. The Museum is an interesting place to visit for general tourists as well. The different artefacts fill one’s mind with awe and makes one wonder how dedicated of a service the Thai navy has been throughout the years.


  • Located south of Bangkok, opposite the Navy academy
  • An array of artefacts from the history of the Thai navy
  • One of the less noisy attractions in Samut Prakan district
  • Decommissioned airplanes, ships etc, to be found on display
  • Just south of Bangkok, so not very far away from the general route taken by tourists.

The Thai Naval Museum

The Thai Naval Museum is open to visitors every day from 9 am to 3:30 pm. The museum located in Samut Prakan, a central Thai province located on the Gulf of Thailand, just south of Bangkok. The province has a rich history and culture and so it has a lot to offer for tourists and general visitors alike. Thailand being central to the ancient trade routes in Asia is an interesting spot to start your study of the evolution of naval warfare and maritime peacekeeping in the region. The area was once home to the most prolific pirate raids, so it will be interesting to see the counter measures that were employed by the Thai navy to curb and meet up with these challenges. The naval museum holds many interesting artefacts to look at for its guests. On display there are decommissioned submarines, ships and planes, and to a navy buff looking through the mirror at the many changes that occurred in maritime peacekeeping and warfare, the place can be called a treasure trove. You will also find models of ships that have been crafted to the smallest detail. Another point of attraction is that the naval museum unlike other tourist destinations in the area is less crowded at most times so you can look upon the various many displays while enjoying some degree of peace and quiet. On display you can also see boats used by Thai royalty dating back to almost a hundred and fifty years. Navigation tools used by the navy from the same era can also be found here. You can also look upon torpedoes, guns and cannons used by the Thai royal navy, during different eras of its operation.