Queen Sirikit Park  Thailand Holiday Queen Sirikit Park poi Thailand Holiday Queen Sirikit Park poi Thailand Holiday Queen Sirikit Park poi Thailand Holiday Queen Sirikit Park poi Thailand Holiday
Holiday in Queen Sirikit Park poi in Thailand

Queen Sirikit Park

If you want to experience the beauty of flora and fauna, Queen Sirikit Park is the place to be. As a top botanical garden in Thailand, it hosts over 2,000 species of plants. Besides viewing the amazing gardens, you can take part in the many activities around the park and enjoy extra attractions like fountains and water pools as well. The many bird's species here will be chirping as though you are somewhere in a rainforest. Before this park became filled with the awe-striking sights and sounds, it used to be a golf course. Thus, it is spacious and capable of offering you endless leisure and exploration.


  • Was built as a commemoration of the 60th birthday of the queen and so, its existence is laced with history.
  • Has fountains, a big pool at the center, and a lot of space to roam around and play.
  • Join in on games if you are lucky thanks to impromptu gaming sessions by visitors.
  • The endless bird species add color to your visit as the hover over the pools and parch in the trees.

A Tranquil Walk

If you want to keep off from the madding crowds and bustling city life, Queen Sirikit Park has plenty of peaceful space for you. The landscape gives you extended walks and benches you can rest, and water features to savor. The fresh air in this place is unparalleled. Insecurity will be the least of your concerns, and the only interruptions you might get will come from birds, squirrels, and other visitors.

Enjoy the Birds

Are you a lover of birds? Queen Sirikit Park has tons of bird species that can spice your walks. From kingfishers, bee-eaters, Asian koels, to crows, the list is endless. If you are here for a vacation, come with your camera and enjoy the shots. You can take memorable photos of colorful birds flying over as they build nests in the tree branches. The best places to get bird views is around the perimeters of the ponds.

Learn About Tree Species

The wide collection of tree species is no doubt a great place to get lessons on tree types. This place has both foreign and local tree species that you can learn about. The best part is that Queen Sirikit Park is well organized so you don't get lost within even while in the deepest part of it. From the rolling green lawns to the tall trees, you are exposed to all manner of learning opportunities.

Keep Fit

Queen Sirikit Park has plenty of jogging streets alongside the manicured plants. Take your outdoor exercise to the next level with the motivation you'll get from other joggers. Into meditation? No problem. The environment is quiet enough to carry on with your yoga classes or any other personal activities without distraction.