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Wat Hua Lamphong

Wat Hua Lamphong is a beautiful temple located in the middle of Bangkok that was renovated in the year 1996. This was to honour King Bhumibol Adulyadej 50th anniversary of the retention to the throne. The temple is quite large with diverse structures which consist of small temples and ornate buildings. Unlike other temples, the main temple is exceptionally unique since it is raised high above the ground and is accessed via a wide staircase. This is where the main part of the temple is situated which has the viharn, the temple's chedi, and ubosot. Another unique feature about this temple is that it is well known for coffin donations.


  • Wat Hua Lamphong is easy to access since it is situated outside the Sam Yan MRT station.
  • An amount of 40Baht per person is charged to get inside the main temple.
  • Shoes are not allowed inside the temple and you are free to pray, kneel or walk around anywhere.
  • Chinese cremation ceremonies are held at this temple.
  • There is a free entry as long as you are not going to the main temple.
  • The temple is located in Rama IV Road.

A Great Place To Make Merit

The main attractions of Wat Hua Lamphong are its interior decorations with gorgeous murals, beautiful paintings, colourful mirrors and statues of Buddha. There also shrines that were built to honour the Hindu god and King Rama V. The inside of the temple is very beautiful and nice to explore. Despite its breathtaking beauty, there is a heap of activities going around this temple. The best thing about this temple is the vast ways of making merit that is present here. Coffin donation is one of the best ways of making merit that makes Wat Hua Lamphong a popular temple. The coffins are meant for the needy and homeless people who cannot afford a coffin to bury their loved ones. A coffin goes for 500 Baht and you are free to donate as much as you wish either less or more. The process is simple which starts by telling the officer the amount of money you wish to donate. You will then be issued with a pink paper where you will be requested to write your name. After the donation, you will receive a certificate a white paper plus the pink paper. Your next step is to pray and fix the pink paper on the coffin. There is a place to pray and burn the white paper at the altar for your deity and then you are done. There are also cattle's here and buffaloes waiting sacrifice and you can make merit by buying them food so that they are saved from being slaughtered. Another way to make merit is to pay for the caged pigeons present here for them to fly away and in return you get prosperity. Apart from that, donation boxes are scattered everywhere in the temple and there is also a room where visitors can give gifts to the monks. As you can see there are numerous ways to make merit at this temple. There is a candle making wax activity that happens at the ground of this temple that is fun to participate in.