Bangkok Puppet Show at Aksra Theatre  Thailand Holiday Bangkok Puppet Show at Aksra Theatre poi Thailand Holiday Bangkok Puppet Show at Aksra Theatre poi Thailand Holiday
Holiday in Bangkok Puppet Show at Aksra Theatre poi in Thailand

Bangkok Puppet Show at Aksra Theatre

One of the best shows ever in Bangkok that you will ever see is the puppet show at the Aksra theatre. The show is very special for its beautiful designs, the skilled craftsman, beautifully choregraphed dances and the spectacular orchestra that plays in the background. All of that transports you to a whole new and different world with amazing vibes. The show consists of the puppeteers making puppets come to life along with a beautiful dance by the puppeteers themselves. Every show usually tells a story whether it is a Thai myth or a real-life story!


  • There is also another performance which represents Thai martial arts. The show begins with two puppets fighting with swords and are dressed in cute kimonos.
  • There are also some restaurants and bars outside the theatre which are open from 11:00 till 14:30 and from 17:00 till 21:30.
  • You can also find few shops for memorial beautiful souvenirs like puppets, t-shirts and handicrafts!
  • The architecture of the theatre itself is very special for its 14-metre ceiling, sandstone sculptures of Thai characters in tales and also amazing wooden carvings and paintings.
  • Did you know that the ceiling represents the 7 stages in heaven and the walls are full of paintings of angels.

Puppet Show at Aksra

The Bangkok puppet show at the Askra Theatre is one of the most famous shows in Bangkok that many tourists and locals enjoy watching every year. It is a must- see if you are visiting Bangkok, also its is considered on of the best night hangouts there. The show usually takes place on a huge stage where folk tales are performed by classic arts of puppets. However, not like any other show, the puppeteers themselves are considered also a part of the show, they dress in black and sit in the background. Three of them control the puppets’ legs, arms and head. Moreover, amazing live orchestra that combine European and Thai instruments is played while the beautiful show and dance of the puppets and the puppeteers is performed. The show begins with the puppeteers dancing on the stage and bringing the puppets to life. The puppets dress in classical stunning costumes and some of them even represent human characters, others represent mythical creatures from Thai stories along with some Japanese songs. Each performance has its very special and unique design which is always a magnificent show that transports you to a whole new and different world. An example of these shows is the cock fight dance which represents the performance of an old Thai sport which is banned nowadays.