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Wat Traimit in Bangkok

The Wat Traimit is one of the many temples scattered in the whole country. In the capital, Bangkok, it is possible to find the most prestigious and famous temples. One of these is exactly the Wat Traimit. It is important not only for its architecture and for beauty, but also for what is preserved inside: an impressive golden statue of Buddha, the biggest one in the world. The statue, a part from being majestic, is also rich in history: it was probably built during the 14th century and then it travelled all through Thailand!


  • The Wat Traimit is relatively new, compared to other temples in the capital, but its fortune changed during the years. Now, a part from the Buddha statue, you can visit also a museum next to the temple.
  • The golden statue is for sure the main attraction of the temple, but actually, also its architecture and garnishes are rich and well preserved.
  • The temple is located in the Samphanthawong district, which is considered the China Town of Bangkok. So, while you are visiting the temple, do not forget to have a look around the area: it is full of interesting things to discover! You can also visit the centre for Chinese culture, which is preserved by the Unesco World Heritage.
  • The entrance fee of the temple is just 40 baht. If you want to visit also the museum, which retraces the strange history of the golden Buddha statue and its adventures, the entrance fee is 100 baht.
  • The Buddha statue weights more than 5000 kg and it is 3 – 4 meters tall. Its value is estimated around 250 million dollars!

More about Wat Traimit temple

Until the middle of the 20th century, the Wat Traimit temple was just a modest pagoda in the centre of the Samphanthawong district. Completely white, it has a magnificent roof decorated with golden and blue garnishes. It was during the years 1954-55 that the king decided to build a new area for the Buddha statue, which, at the time, was completely covered in plaster, due to the fact that 200 years before, some monks tried to save it from the Burmese invasion. While they were moving it inside the new area of the Wat Traimit temple, the statue fell down, revealing its golden beauty! Since then, it is preserved inside the temple and millions of visitors come to Bangkok every year to see this magnificent statue, which weights over 5000 kg! So, if you come to Thailand, and you are visiting Bangkok, you can’t miss the golden statue of the Buddha and be carried away by its beauty.