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Cycling in Bangkok

Have you ever thought of visiting Thailand capital riding freely your bike? Well, it is actually possible. In fact, in Bangkok there are many routes for cyclists who want to discover another aspect of the city. You can choose a more traditional route through the ruins and old buildings of the capital, or you can choose to enter the modern side of the city, under skyscrapers and futuristic buildings. Of course, you need to wear a helmet and be careful – you are in a big city anyway- but it will be a great experience for your holidays!


  • Rot Fai Park: a bit out the city, you can find the longest route for cycling in Bangkok. Here, you can ride freely your bike along the park and tennis and basketball fields.
  • Avoid main roads and you will discover a lot of little and narrow streets that will bring you to the real and true core of Bangkok.
  • Cycling in Bangkok during the night! There is a new fashion in town, especially among young people, and it is riding the bike on evenings and nights, when the temperature is low and when you can really enjoy the magic lights of the city.
  • Riding in Lumpini Park can bring you luck and you will meet a majestic Monitor lizard. Don’t be afraid, they are peaceful and they just want to enjoy the sun. As you will enjoy the beauty of this park!
  • You can ride your bike through the old city, admiring temples and royal buildings!

More about Cycling in Bangkok

For sure, if you say that you want to ride in Bangkok, people will look at you as if you were crazy. Well, it is true that in the capital, the traffic can be chaotic and there is also a pollution problem. However, Bangkok is not only that, and if you decide to try an alternative holiday in Thailand, you will discover that there’s another world a part from cars and modernity. In fact, in recent years, more and more tourists have decided to try to ride along the streets of Bangkok. Cycling in Bangkok is a truly unique experience due to the hidden routes that will bring you outside the traffic jam. You can rent your bike choosing among different models, professional ones or just a simple bike to ride for a couple of hours. Anyway, you will find out that cycling in Bangkok can be also demanding; in fact, you can find routes that goes all around the ancient city! Whatever you choose, cycling in Bangkok can be a life-changing experience!