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Holiday in Bangkok Spa and Thai Massage activity in Thailand

Bangkok Spa and Thai Massage

The Thai Massage and Spa is an extravagant Oriental Spa, which also acts as therapies for different illness. The Place is known for its cleanliness & massaging skills by many foreign tourists coming from all across Asia. Moreover, The Thai Massage Academy have specialized experts and efficiently trained therapists to mend your tired bodies and psyches.


  • Heavenly experience of meditation & traditional massage.
  • Professionals are constantly available to provide you the fine massaging.
  • Different kinds of massages are available to alleviate different pains.
  • Energies yourself with best spa’s across world.

Bangkok Spa and Thai Massage

Traditional Thai medicine is concerned with treating illness, and maintaining health and wellbeing, by applying point pressure massage on the explicit parts of your body which also enhances blood dissemination & will absolutely make you feel free from your stress & tensions. The qualified professionals are always available to provide you the best massaging experiences all over in Thailand. Despite being their busy & bustling atmospheres, Bangkok is best known for relaxation, revival, and recovery, lots of sunshine and its legendary Thai hospitality provide the ideal setting for the continuous pursuit of inner and outer beauty. After a long & tiring day while exploring Bangkok, seeking for a relaxing place, without any doubt just go ahead for one of the best Bangkok's spas known for its luxury treatment- Bangkok Spas and Thai Massage. With such a large number of accessible choices for foreigner, it tends to be hard to discover precisely what you're searching for, so please find the list of five places in the city to get a genuine Thai massage. Every massage is adapted to your specific needs and may help alleviate many kinds of pains and aches including problems with back, shoulders, neck, hips, legs, headaches, and a lot more.

Local street massage shops

It is impossible to walk away without coming across massage shops which are usually spread over many streets. Here you can find, row of chairs and footstalls outside their shops where you can take seat in case you are interested in a foot massage.

Herbal Thai massage

Asia Herb Association is a best decision for those who are seeking for massage treatments like oil massage, scrubs and Thai herbal ball treatment & you can also request to massage the specific parts or share your medical problems to get properly treated; it’s all arranged here to oblige foreigners as well as the local Thai people.

Traditional Wat Pho Thai Massage

Wat pho temple is considered as the best place for Wat pho Thai massage where you can encounter the old method for applying pressure on some specific points of your muscular and nervous system which is used since before the Sukhothai time in 12th century yet its strategies aren't changed after an extended period of time.

Health Land

It is the number one pick for massage in Bangkok, it looks like a retro mansion from outside but when you enter, and it will look like a hospital which facilitates the high quality foot massage, back rub, as well as facial treatment or even enjoy sauna & Jacuzzi spa within the great value pack.

Blind Massage

Basically it is believed that due to their lack of vision, blind massage is more in tune with your body and helps in providing better treatment which is also increasing the source of income for the blind, who often struggle to find a job.