Phuket Town  Thailand Holiday Phuket Town city Thailand Holiday Phuket Town city Thailand Holiday Phuket Town city Thailand Holiday Phuket Town city Thailand Holiday Phuket Town city Thailand Holiday
Holiday in Phuket Town city in Thailand

Phuket Town

Phuket town is an exciting mixture of old and new, simple and complicated, peaceful and pulsating where it distributes positive vibes along with sunrise. This city blends eastern and western cultures of heritage buildings together in a unique manner which suits the best for those who are looking for the last stop in Thailand to get their stress away.


  • The 45m-high and translucent pale-white Big Buddha sits grandly on Phuket's finest viewpoint at the top of Nakkerd Hills, and visible from half the island of Chalong Bay.
  • The Glittering Andaman Sea wraps around Phuket Island’s southernmost point of Laem Phromthep, wondering viewpoint of Rawai.
  • Visit in late September or October to take a glimpse of Phuket’s famously frenzied Vegetarian Festival.
  • Delicious flavours of local and traditional food are available for the tourists.

More about Old Town Phuket

It’s a city which belongs to the late 90s and its wondering buildings are still standing as a witness in this era. The colonial district is the cheerful part of the city and the must-visit classical area which is hosting trendy restaurants, boutiques, and bars in the ancient houses and mansions. Phuket's Old Town street’s crowd makes it more fascinating during the festive seasons. The best way to explore the ancient architecture of the city is by walking through the square streets. The temples are designed with the old European influence and charming little cafes which are so diverse that you may forget to leave. Phuket Town contains a wonderfully refreshing, bustling crowd, wandering down the streets with distinctive Chinese Baroque, experimental galleries, boutique hotels, and incense-cloaked Chinese Taoist shrines, and the colorful lighting of night makes the city delightful & admirable. Museum in Phuket Thaihua Museum The building itself describes the stunning blending mixture of Chinese-European styles in their architectural, including deco-art, Palladianism and a Chinese gable roof and stucco, with a British-iron gate. Foreign travelers visit Phuket only for half-day, but there’s plenty more to linger around for, to see the real beauty you must stay at night too. The taste of the city Phuket town is a combination of multiple cultures and has a great diversity in their local dining spectrum where its cuisine takes on its own distinct character. Antique-packed townhouse and its well-priced specialties, such as mao hong(pepper garlic pork) and the local style of making seafood, waters your mouth through its flavoured scent far from the roadside of old town Phuket restaurants. Phuketien's culinary creation style, both traditional and inventive, captures the foreigner’s heart through their happy stomach. The magic of the market- Phuket markets have a special feel of festival in its environment, often being accompanied by street performances and food vendors, so they can be a great place to have your evening meal, experience the purity of Thai street food and vendor shops in the chilling atmosphere, all at the same time.
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