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Holiday in Wat Koh Sirey poi in Thailand

Wat Koh Sirey

Wat Koh Sirey is a beautiful temple that is situated at Koh Sirey Island a very small island covering about 20km2. The temple sits on top of a hill and it is just about 4km from Phuket Town on the east. Thousands of tourists flock to this temple every year to escape the bustle and hustle of the town. It is a beautiful destination with a traditional ambiance and stunning views. The temple shelters a large reclining golden Buddha and unspoiled landscapes that are worth visiting. Despite being so close to the town, the area is not much developed making it a pleasure to drive around. It has dominating rubber plantations, coconut trees, and lush green tropical forested hills.


  • Entering Wat Koh Sirey is free of charge but you can make a donation if you wish.
  • The best way to get to Wat Koh Sirey is by hiring a car or a motorbike. Also drive carefully since the road is very steep.
  • Since Wat Koh Sirey is a functioning temple, dress modestly covering your shoulders and knees.
  • Since the views here are priceless, bring a camera to get the best shots.
  • Don't forget to visit the sea gypsies' village and have a taste of the fresh seafood served here.

Discover A Hidden Corner

Wat Koh Sirey is home to a big golden reclining Buddha image that is about 18m long. The road leading to the temple is one of the favorites with many places to stop by, take pictures and stroll around. Koh Sirey Island is connected to Phuket town by a small bridge. Just some few meters past the bridge, you will come across a tiny recreation park known as the monkey viewpoint. At this spot, you will see many monkeys and the locals come here in the evening to feed them. A few meters from here you will spot a fishing port with colorful fishing boats. Stop here for a stunning photo with the fishing port as the background amazing photos is what you get. Once you arrive at Wat Koh Sirey grounds, you will be amazed by the unusual Buddhist temple that is hinged on top of a mountain. Park your car and start walking along the road winding around the temple. At the foot of the temple are about 100 stairs that lead to the top of the temple. The stairs are lined with pray bells and dragons. This is to ward off bad spirits from the temple. As you climb up the stairs, the islands surroundings view becomes more intriguing. Once you are inside the temple, the main attraction is the golden reclining Buddha image that is housed in the ordination hall. There is also another striking golden Kyaiktiyo pagoda housed here. From this high point, you will have 360 degrees views of Koh Sirey Island, the surrounding Sea Gypsies village and the sea on the east coast. With excellent views and a reclining Buddha on the hill, Wat Koh Sirey is a win and should not be missed.


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