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Holiday in Choeng Thale city in Thailand

Choeng Thale

Choeng Thale is a municipality situated in Thalang District in Phuket. It is the best escape for the beaches since it is rich in outdoor activities, serene nature, and parks. It is a burgeoning destination for the nature lovers and a haven for outdoor activities. It is one of the famous places known to have trekking routes on its lush green jungle. If you want to avoid the crowded touristy destinations then Choeng Thale is the place to be. It provides a completely unique holiday experience as you get a chance to experience an authentic Thai culture by interacting with the locals as you trek in the jungle.


  • Wear good shoes to have an easier time trekking at Choeng Thale jungle.
  • Carry some mosquito repellent to avoid mosquito biting at the forest.
  • Pack enough water to last you through the trailing period because the weather may be a bit hot.
  • The best time to visit Choeng Thale is during the month of September. During this time you will beat the crowds and also save money.
  • During May to October, Choeng Thale experiences a lot of rain. If you are not a fun of rain you can avoid travelling during these months.

Phuket's Hidden Beauty

All the forests you see in Thailand have some hidden beauty that you cannot see unless you explore them. Choeng Thale presents you with that opportunity and every nature lover should not hesitate to grab that chance. The best thing about Choeng Thale is that it is less populated and this leaves the rainforest all to you to explore uninterrupted. There is a wide range of plant and animal life here. The tropical rainforest has some trekking trails covered with lush green trees that take you to some of the most hidden beauties in the forest. Follow the routes in the jungle as you identify new species of plants you have not seen before, animals and also different species of birds. Once you have had enough of exploring Choeng Thale jungle, there are other places to visit.
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Surin Beach

Surin beach is one of the greatest attractions in Choeng Thale. It is a white sand beach that attracts thousands of tourists and locals who come to chill out on this beautiful beach. Snorkeling, swimming, and surfing are some of the activities that attract people here. Around the beach, there are restaurants and food vendors that serve fresh seafood that you should not miss.
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Green Elephant Sanctuary Park

Elephants are common in Thailand and your tour in Choeng Thale is incomplete if you don't get a chance to interact with the giant animals. Add Green Elephant Sanctuary Park in your itinerary and you will get a chance to spend time with the elephants, bath and feed them. This is a totally unique experience to make memories for your vacation in Thailand.
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Phuket Adventure Mini Golf

For golf lovers, don't miss to visit the Phuket Adventure Mini Golf. It is an 18-hole course lush green golf arena surrounded by beautiful palm trees and flowers. It also has a restaurant and bar where you can enjoy your drink or meal.
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