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Ao yon Beach

Ao Yon Beach is actually formed of two beautiful and remote beaches, which open up on a bay, and are separated by a rocky headland. Of course, when you think about Phuket, you imagine a lot of tourists, every kind of service and a multicultural city. Nevertheless, in the whole Phuket region there are still many places that can be considered paradisiac and traditional. One of these places is Ao Yon Beach, just few kilometers from Phuket City but lost between wonderful nature and an incredible sea. Therefore, here you will explore the wonders of Thailand and the traditional culture of its inhabitants.


  • Kaho Kad Tower. The landscape from here is breathtaking. Some climb up the hill and stop on this viewpoint to enjoy what Thailand has to offer. And don’t forget to pass by the splendid waterfall.
  • The Panwa Aquarium. Not so distant from Ao Yon Beach there’s the Panwa Aquarium where you can be acquainted with the many species that live in the Thailand Sea.
  • Dragon Race. It is a boat race done by the residents of the area on some weekends. If it happens, don’t miss the opportunity to watch these speedy boats.

More on Ao Yon Beach

Ao Yon Beach is located just six kilometers from the capital of the region, Phuket City. It is perfect for a day off, away from the noise and mess of the city. If this is the kind of place that are you looking for, well, you are in the right place. The twin beaches of Ao Yon, separated by the bay and the headland, are the perfect spot for whoever is seeking a peaceful and relaxed place to stay. Ao Yon is famous just for its shrimps farms and because on holidays and weekends, the local people go there for the barbecues. Otherwise it is almost a deserted beach in which you can plunge yourself into contemplation and nature. From the beach, you can observe the tranquil boats floating on the sea, some bamboo construction where you can find a relaxing Thai massage, or you can simply lay down and enjoy the silence of Ao Yon. If you feel more adventurous, you can walk up the hill where you will find a waterfall, which ends on the sea, cooling down the water, a panoramic viewpoint and then reach again the central part of the beach to enjoy a traditional meal.


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