Panwa Viewpoint (Khao Khad)  Thailand Holiday Panwa Viewpoint (Khao Khad) poi Thailand Holiday Panwa Viewpoint (Khao Khad) poi Thailand Holiday
Holiday in Panwa Viewpoint (Khao Khad) poi in Thailand

Panwa Viewpoint (Khao Khad)

Among the many attractions Phuket has to offer to visitors and tourists there are various opportunities for you to look at the city in its entirety and beyond. The Panwa viewpoint is one such spot. Located on the Panwa bay, the viewpoint comprises of a spacious park and a two story tower. The place never gives the impression of being too crowded and amid the sounds of the sea you can view Phuket as never before.


  • Khao Khad or Panwa Viewpoint is located off of the coast of Phuket and attracts many visitors every year.
  • The place is spacious so even on busy days, it does not look overcrowded.
  • Surrounded by a beautiful Park, the view point provides many picnic spots and photo opportunities.
  • The signage here is in both Thai and English so, you are aware at all times just what you are looking at.
  • The two storey viewpoint gives you a very wide field of vision and you can look from here as far as Phang Nga Bay.

More about Panwa viewpoint

Panwa viewpoint, also referred to as Khao Khad Viewpoint is one of Phuket’s best kept secrets. The Panwa Viewpoint is located on a hill on the Panwa cape, near Phuket, Thailand. It is known for its breathtaking 360 degree views and serenity the surrounding park has to offer, and so you cannot miss this opportunity to view Phuket in all its glory from this beautiful viewpoint. The Panwa viewpoint doesn’t only offer a good view but is intrinsically a tourist spot to visit. Being located on a remote hill, it never gives the impression of being over-crowded and you won’t be pushed for space. If small spaces make you uncomfortable, this little piece of serene beauty on Phuket’s shores is the best place for you. Once you get to the top of the hill, a hike of about a hundred steps, you get to see a few shops selling merchandise, and a tower in white, but right after you are immediately made aware of the expanse in front of you. There are no obstacles to the field of vision as you observe Phuket and beyond, up to the Phang Nga Bay. It should be kept in mind that the attraction is also called the Khao Khad views because from this particular viewpoint there’s just so much to see. Inside the tower there is signage in both English and Thai languages so you know what you are looking at no matter which way you turn. The viewpoint overlooks three beaches and of course Phuket, and there are so many landscape photo opportunities here. So the trip to this haven of a viewpoint is a must when you make your visit to Phuket, Thailand.


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