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Phuket Pearl Farm

Phuket pearl is not only a shop, but also a farm and a factory that is one of the oldest in Phuket and the best, many people from all around the world come to visit it each year. You will find one of the best pearls in the world that are all handmade real pearls by very talented locals. If you are a jewellery lover then don’t miss the amazing experience of visiting pearl farm where you will be able to watch pearls and know more about them from being in oysters till, they are ready to wear! You can also customize your own special design.


  • Why shop from Phuket pearl farm? It is very special as it is one of the oldest shops and also it is very unique for designing special pearls that mixes traditional and modern shapes.
  • Did you know that all pearl that are in Phuket pearl shop are produced in their own special farm!
  • The best thing is that you can actually take a tour in the farm and watch the pearls while they are being planted.
  • You can book your tour online, just visit their site!
  • You can also customise your own pearl with any design you want.

Pearls of phuket

Are you a pearl lover? Do you love unique and handmade jewellery? If the answer is yes, then this is for you! Phuket pearl farm is one of the best places to buy pearls, whether you want it for a friend as a souvenir or you just love collecting real pearls. Phuket Pearl farm is owned by Khun Amorn, he loves his work so much and aspires to grow his business. This is farm is also very famous for being the only pearl farm in the island and the oldest one too. Many people from all around the world come every year to buy pearl from this amazing place where all pears are handmade by the very talented locals and of course, Khun Amorn.

How to tell a real and a fake pearl

These tips are really useful to differentiate between fake and real pearls. First, check the weight. Real pearls are way heavier than fake, plastic pearls. Also, you can feel the surface of the pearl, if it is a bit gritty then it is real. If it is smooth then it is definitely plastic. Finally, you can also tell a real pearl from a fake one by finding flaws. Real pearls have natural flaws that give it its uniqueness and beauty!


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