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Thalang District

Thalang District is situated on the northern side of Phuket Island. It was established in 1898 and it was the location of the old Phuket capital. History buffs, who want to see how Phuket looked like before the flourishing of the tourism industry, will definitely enjoy different parts of Thalang. It is simply a destination that favors any type of traveller. There is always something to do in Thalang district. Some people travel here to relax to its amazing beaches, others come here for the fun water sports activities and others looking for an amazing nightlife experience. Surprisingly every visitor leaves Thalang satisfied with all it has to offer.


  • Thalang museum is opened daily from 9 am to 4 pm except during the holidays.
  • Phuket International Airport is located within Thalang District which provides an easier way to access the district.
  • An annual festival known as Thao-Thepkasattri is held at Thalang District and is fun for the cultural enthusiasts.
  • September is the best month to visit Thalang District. There are no crowds during this time and also the prices for hotels are very low.
  • There are a lot of hotels in Thalang District and you should not find trouble getting accommodation.

Explore Phuket's Largest District

Thalang district is among the three districts that make up Phuket and it happens to be the largest. The district has a protected hilly rainforest area covering more than 20km2 known as Khao Phra Thae. It is a virgin tropical rainforest that has many species of wildlife such as deer and monkeys. It is also home to many tropical birds. The area has three peaks with the highest being Khao Phara with 422m followed by Khao Bang Pae with 388m and the lower peak being Khao Prathiu with 384m. All these peaks provide fantastic views of the entire Thalang district. The northwestern side of Thalang district is covered by the famous Sirinat National Park which covers about 90km2. Sirinat National Park is home to four unique beaches that are all worth visiting. Thalang district is also home to the largest water park in Thailand known as Splash Jungle. It is a place full of fun both for the kids and adults and is a must visit. It is fitted with 12 water slides that have aqua tubes, kids' aquarium, and a slide pool. It is a place to have mad fun! Thalang National Museum is also another great place to stop by. See ancient artifacts and learn the history of the renowned Thalang battle. The history and story of two heroines who defended the attack of the island from the Burmese enemies in the 18th century is well depicted in this museum. They were known as Chan and Mook and a monument was featured along a nearby road in their honor. It is known as the Heroines Monument and is worth a visit.

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