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Bang Tao Beach

Bang Tao Beach is located in the Phuket area but as other parts of the island it is not so well-known, so it still preserves its authenticity and originality. However, at the same time, with few steps to the southern part of the beach, you will have all the comforts and luxuries of modern life. So, Bang Tao Beach is a place where every kind of tourist can find peace and pleasures! Easily reachable from Phuket Town, or other parts of the area, come and explore one of the best beaches in the whole area: You won’t regret it!


  • Fun Friday Evening Market. What to do on a Friday evening? Well, come and stroll around the fun market, where you can try and taste some delicious and unexpected food and you will be surrounded by million of colours!
  • Thai food everywhere! Thanks to the resorts and the eco villages, in Bang Tao you will find also many restaurants that proposes original Thai food and fresh fish. You will find bamboo bars, luxury restaurants, and simple places away from tourists. So, choose your style but don’t miss them!
  • Wat Cherngtalay. A colourful Thai temple, not far away from the beach and highly recommended to learn a bit more about Thai culture.
  • Massages. While you are relaxing at the beach, don’t forget to ask for a traditional Thai massage!

More on Bang Tao Beach

Bang Tao Beach is not only paradisiac but it is also one of the longest beaches in Phuket, located on the west side of the island. You won’t have problems to reach this part of Phuket, because it’s near the airport and because, thanks to its incredible nature and beauty, it is the home of the famous Laguna Phuket, a large complex of resorts and activities. But, if you are not seeking luxuries and modernity, just step away until you reach the traditional villages where you can still find fishermen and rubber workers. Here, you will have peace and relax, away from the world, and you can stay in touch with the rural part of Thailand. Bang Tao is also known for its markets, for the nightlife near the resorts but also for its peaceful atmosphere during the day, when you might happen to have the beach all for yourself. Especially if you reach the northern part of the beach, uncontaminated and where you can simply lay down, watch the sea and have a drink at the only bar.


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