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Holiday in Banana Beach poi in Thailand

Banana Beach

As part of Phuket, you can reach Banana Beach easily, but at the same time, it has stayed untouched from mass tourism and it has gained a reputation for its amazing beach, the banana trees that reach the sea and help tourist to find protection from the sun, and an unpolluted and astonishing sea and one simple restaurant that will let your taste discover authentic Thai flavours. For sure, Banana Beach is one of the most wonderful parts of Phuket, a place to discover and live every day to the fullest.


  • Snorkeling. Well, as almost everywhere in Thailand, you can’t go away from the sea without admiring its beauties! So, pick up your equipment and dive into the clear water of Banana Beach to discover what lives under the sea.
  • Thai Massage. To complete your day of relax you also need a proper Thai massage. You will find some masseuses in Banana Beach as well, next to the only restaurant of the beach.
  • Eating. If you decide to spend all your day at the beach, you need to eat as well, so the ideal solution is to sit under the trees of the only restaurant of Banana Beach and enjoy the fresh fish that they will bring you.
  • Longtail ride. Here, you can choose to admire the beauty of Banana Beach asking for a ride on a traditional longtail boat.

More about Banana Beach

Banana Beach is not a very big beach, it is only 180 meters, it’s quite difficult to find – you need to find a little path following the road to Trisara – but once you reach the beach a breathtaking view will open up in front of you and you will just want to plunge into the crystalline sea and lay down on the white fine beach. You can also reach the beach from the sea, on a longtail boat from the near beaches. Just pay attention when the high tide arrives, it can wash away your things on the beach, as it can reach the trees line. Anyway, lay down on the southern part of the beach and you will be safe! Nevertheless, Banana Beach is a paradisiac beach where you can have you relaxing day away from the rest of the world. As many parts of the country, also in Banana Beach the best period to visit and enjoy the nature is from November ‘till May while for the rest of the year you can’t swim in this area. Don’t forget to sit in the only restaurant of Banana Beach, where you can ask for authentic Thai food, especially fresh fish which comes directly from the fishermen on the beach.


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