Nai Yang Beach  Thailand Holiday Nai Yang Beach poi Thailand Holiday Nai Yang Beach poi Thailand Holiday Nai Yang Beach poi Thailand Holiday
Holiday in Nai Yang Beach poi in Thailand

Nai Yang Beach

If you are up for an amazing vacation in one of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand, this is for you! Nai Yang beach is very relaxing for its beautiful Casuarina trees that gives it a very special view. Locals love to go there during the holidays to enjoy their time with family or friends. Moreover, you will be able to try many activities there like snorkelling, kitesurfing and camping. What is even better is the night life, get ready to eat in one of the greatest Thai restaurants by the beach and just enjoy the local delicious food.


  • The entrance fee of the Sirinath National Park is 40 baht.
  • There are always many restaurants by the beach that serve Thai food at reasonable prices. What is better than eating barefoot in the warm sands under the beautiful shade of the Casuarina trees?
  • Did you know that you can learn how to dive in Nai Yang beach? There are two diving schools in there!
  • If you don’t feel like trying new dishes, don’t worry you will also fine restaurants that serve non-Asian food.
  • Don’t miss having a massage session by the beach!

More about Nai Yang beach

Nai Yang beach is one of the most relaxing beaches in Thailand that most of the locals love to visit during holidays. The beach is very popular for its bars and restaurants that offer different kinds of delicious Thai food. The beach also has lots of lush Casuarina trees that gives it a beautiful and a unique view, moreover, people love to go there to relax under those beautiful trees and just enjoy the breeze with local food and drinks. If you want to go picnicking, Nai Yang beach is the perfect place. Many locals love to spend their weekends picnicking under the trees and also enjoy the sea and the warm sands. Afterall, what is better than having dinner by the sunset on the beach? Nai Yang beach is also famous for its water activities like snorkelling, kite surfing and you can also go camping with your friends or family! It is considered one of the best places for kite surfing in Thailand. And what is more exciting is that you can rent a longtail boat to explore the nearby islands. The night life there is also so interesting as you will be able to have a walk and go shopping. You will also get to try the local food in one of the best Thai restaurants which is Black Ginger. Black Ginger is knowns for its very beautiful design and food. If you want to discover new Thai dishes that you have never seen before, go eat by the beach in the small beach huts that serve fresh seafood.


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