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Mai Khao Marine Turtle Foundation

Mai Khao Marine Turtle Foundation is a smaller part of the JW Marriott Resort in Phuket, but it hold a lot of popularity locally and internationally, so there are always tourists from around the world coming to see what the place holds. It sits on the Mai Khao Beach, and offers far more than you expect for a normal turtle foundation. This is a foundation that was started to promote cleanliness in the sea area, as well as to protect nesting turtles on the island, but it has grown over time to become a tourist attention of its own with traffic of thousands of people coming in every year.


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    There are tons of good reason to visit Mai Khao Marine Turtle Foundation at least once in a lifetime but the opportunity it offers for people to give back to the environment is probably the biggest of them all. The foundation is opened at all time during the day on weekdays, so you can stroll in at any time during your vacation in Thailand, to enjoy the beauty that this holiday location has to offer. Beyond being part of a big charity course and watching turtles and other sea animals live their best life, there are other fascinating things to enjoy in Mai Khao Marine Turtle Foundation. Use this opportunity to visit one of the beautiful restaurants spread around the area to have a taste of Thailand's local delicacy. If you are not ready to have a taste of the local food here yet, don't worry, most of these restaurants offer intercontinental dishes, so there's a good chance that you will see the meal you are looking for. You can also book a canoeing tour around Phang Nga Bay. Yes, the foundation has its location within the grounds of a resort, but don't worry, you can still enjoy a visit, even if you are not a guest in the hotel. During your visit, you can also enjoy a session where you get to see some of the resident turtles that have made the foundation their home. Some of them are disabled, so they will not be able to survive in the wild. The sessions are always free to tourists and locals, although you can still give donations if you wish, for the upkeep of the turtles. Mai Khao Marine Turtle Foundation is certainly the place to visit alone or with your loved ones and family members during any trip to Thailand. Make it a date today, to enjoy some of nature's finest views in a serene environment.


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